What shipping solutions are available to transport cars in the UAE?

Shipping Solutions Available For Transporting Cars To the UAE

Auto transport as a service involves relocating a vehicle from one place to another using a method of transport, usually that of a motor carrier, which is provided by a car transport company. Before shipping your car, there are essential points you need to consider so you can ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle, such as: what are the available shipping solutions to transport your car?

Available shipping solutions to transport cars in the UAE

According to statistical insights, shipping automobiles has increasingly become an essential service, especially in the UAE. Moving or relocating a car across the country is usually at the top of the list, followed by anyone buying a vehicle from abroad via a seller, dealership, at an auto auction, or from other places to buy a car online.

If you intend to move a car internationally, you must first choose the best and most secure mode of transportation. International car transportation can be done by air freight forwarding, RoRo, or containers. In this blog, we will go through the pros and cons of each of them so you can evaluate which type of shipping might work better for your car.

Car Transport by Air


• Air transport is suitable for critical time-sensitive cargo like overnight shipping and express delivery.

• It is highly secure as it requires further precautionary measures required by international airports. 

• It allows for logistics of next-day delivery because of the aircraft speed, smooth air traffic, and no transshipment points, so the risk factors are always lower. 


• Compared to RoRo and containers, it always entails higher costs depending on the vehicle's nature, weight, and dimensions set forth by shipping planes. 

Vervo Middle East, as a reliable logistics partner, helps create tailor-made air shipping solutions to reduce unnecessary costs and manage expenses of car shipping by air. Get a free quote and schedule your vehicle on the next available aircraft to its destination.

RoRo solutions for car shipping

The most popular and lowest-cost method of shipping automobiles is roll-on-roll-off. With RORO, we drive or roll the vehicle up a slipway into a large cargo vessel for offshore delivery. RoRo solutions for cars can fit individuals or businesses who want to move cars overseas.


• The most economical option in terms of price compared to air and container shipping.

• The least amount of time in terms of preparation for roro service.

• Loading and unloading processes are simple and quick compared to car container transport. 


• Not all global freight forwarders or ports have RORO facilities or infrastructure, which affects the service availability.

• RORO delivery can take a long time in terms of shipping in comparison to air and container shipping.

• RORO shipping affords less protection to your vehicle than container or air shipping, and not all cars can be functional during the rolling process.

The bottom line is that RORO service is an economical option for shipping your vehicle overseas. But it won't provide the same level of protection or availability as container shipping services. However, asking for additional insurance in combination with choosing RORO service may be a good idea. 

Luckily, major ports in the UAE offer the RORO option for shipping with cutting-edge infrastructure. At Vervo Middle East, RORO solutions for car shipping come tailored to your needs, covering all leading ports in the UAE with door-to-door delivery. You can request a shipping quote today!

Container shipping for cars 

The most reliable and secure method with different options; You can transport your vehicle in a single-use container or a consolidated container freight. The latter is when we load the car with several vehicles heading to the same destination. 

Consolidated freight or single container?

The combined container option comes with a lower cost compared to a single-use container. It is also known as less than a container load, in which you only pay for the space your car occupies, as it allows clients to split the cost of the freight, customs clearance, and port fees with other people sharing the same container.

Shipping on a single container, on the other hand, is faster since there is no need to wait for additional vehicles to complete the container before leaving.

Besides the type of freight (combined or single), containers used to ship cars differ, as well. The common container types to transport cars are enclosed auto transport and open vehicle shipping.

The enclosed carrier is beneficial in offering added protection from harsh weather conditions, lowering damage possibilities, and adding a sense of security. However, it costs more than open vehicle shipping. Also, the loading and unloading process might take extra time compared to the open carrier 

Open transport is the most common method used for car shipping as it is an economical option in terms of costs and time, but on the other hand, it is associated with a higher probability of risk, vulnerability, and damage compared to enclosed auto transport.

In the end, it all depends on your logistics partner and how comprehensive your solution is. The role of a reputable logistics service is to customize a solution that fits your needs and requirements. Requesting a free quote is the initial step to getting an idea of the available shipping solution that works best for your car cargo.

Vervo Middle East: Domestic and international car shipping to and from all over the UAE

Getting a seasoned freight forwarder and logistic partner to move your car in the United Arab Emirates is an essential step to ensure the safe delivery of your car in its optimal condition. 

Vervo Middle East provides domestic and international car shipping to and from all over the United Arab Emirates. We transport cars via air freight, RoRo, and container shipping. Our experts find the best-combined solution for your vehicle, considering the value of the car, its dimensions, and your specific needs in terms of costs, time, and safety measures. 

An end-to-end assist with completing all necessary documentation and paperwork, offering safe and highly secured short- and long-term parking lots in the United Arab Emirates and any other country around the world.

Through our reliable network of strategic partners around the globe, you get access to the fastest, most cost-effective, and safest way to move your vehicle. 

After contacting us, our car shipping experts will discuss with you the most suitable way of transporting your vehicle. Whether you want to import cars from Japan, North America, Europe, or any place in the world to the UAE, we cover everywhere.

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