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Vervo Middle East, an authorized car shipping company in the UAE, stands at the forefront of the shipping and logistics sector!

Whether you're shipping your vehicle across the UAE or to the other side of the globe, our team brings years of shipping and logistics know-how to the table.

We ensure your car's logistical journey from A to Z is smooth, safe, and totally hassle-free. The best part? We do all this at some of the most wallet-friendly rates in the market, customized to meet your unique needs.

At Vervo Middle East, it is not just about moving cars—we're about moving them right.

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At Vervo Middle East, you collaborate closely with our specialized car shipping team for domestic and international car transportation across the UAE and globally Our comprehensive spectrum of car shipping and logistics involves:

  • Comprehensive logistical assistance: from planning and coordination to loading and unloading, customs clearance, secure storage, insurance, route optimization, safety compliance, quality control, real-time tracking, specialized deliveries, specialized handling, and risk management
  • Various car shipping modes: ship cars by air, land, sea, rail, and multimodal via open-air transport, enclosed transport, roll-on/roll-off (RoRo), container shipping, and cargo plane
  • All car types: standard cars and SUVs, electric cars, luxury and classic cars, motorcycles and ATVs, non-operational vehicles, large vehicles and trucks, construction vehicles, fleet vehicles, concept cars, and even boats and yachts

Meaning, in one solution, we pick up and deliver your vehicle in prime condition right to your home without breaking the bank.

With Vervo Middle East, there are no hidden costs along the way!

In 60 minutes, get an in-advance, upfront shipping quote personalized to your unique logistical requirements.

From commercial use to shipping personal cars, we take care of all the logistics.

No matter the distance, it's never a barrier for us. Our skilled car shipping team in Dubai excels at devising the most efficient logistics strategies for your vehicle.

With a click of a button, access comprehensive car shipping services to and from every city in the United Arab Emirates.

Whether you need to import car(s) from China, Japan, the USA, Germany, or elsewhere, just drop us the details and leave the entire shipping and logistics process to our team, from start to finish.

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Middle East Logistics Solutions



Explore a variety of warehousing solutions for every kind of cargo, including bonded storage, freight consolidation, labeling of cargo, distribution services, inventory control, and much more.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping

For shipping substantial quantities of goods, we accommodate both less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container load (FCL) shipments. Secure your place on the next available container vessel now!

Air forwarding

Air forwarding

Express shipping? Vervo Middle East offers "next-day delivery" services through air freight. We link numerous major cargo airports across the globe. Simply provide us with your cargo details to get started.

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Access expert customs brokerage services in the UAE and worldwide. We ensure compliance with global regulations, manage documentation, duties, and taxes, and facilitate efficient import and export processe.

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Car Shipping and Logistics Services in the UAE (Domestic & International)

Within the UAE, we leverage our deep knowledge of local routes and regulations to provide swift, hassle-free deliveries. Internationally, our extensive network and partnerships with trusted global carriers enable us to seamlessly handle cross-border shipments, ensuring compliance with all customs and import regulations. 

Whether you're relocating, importing a vehicle, or managing an automotive fleet, Vervo Middle East's comprehensive shipping solutions are designed to meet your specific needs, guaranteeing a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Car Logistics Services:

Real-Time Tracking

Track and monitor the progress of your car shipment every step of the way. Whether your car is being transported locally within the UAE or across international borders, our advanced tracking technology ensures you stay informed and connected with the journey of your vehicle, delivering real-time updates directly to your device.

Customs Clearance

Vervo Middle East simplifies the customs process of importing and exporting car(s). Our diverse team of licensed agents is well-versed in the legal and regulatory requirements for car shipping in the UAE and worldwide. We handle every aspect, including documentation, duties, and inspections, making international shipping seamless and straightforward.

Safety Compliance & Quality Control

Our car shipping services adhere to stringent safety compliance standards and quality control measures. From meticulous vehicle inspections before shipping to ensuring secure loading and unloading practices, we prioritize the integrity and safety of your vehicle throughout its journey. Prior to shipping, Vervo Middle East conducts a thorough car quality and compliance check. As a responsible freight forwarder, we meticulously inspect each vehicle to ensure it meets all compliance requirements of both local and international transportation regulations.

Specialized Deliveries

Express delivery for urgent shipments, door-to-door service for maximum convenience, and terminal-to-terminal options for cost-effectiveness. We also have the capability to manage pickups and deliveries in hard-to-access locations in the UAE and around the globe!

Cargo Insurance

Vervo Middle East provides comprehensive insurance coverage for all car shipments. Our insurance policies are designed by highly reputable independent insurance partners with low claim history. From minor damages to rare unforeseen events, our insurance ensures that your investment is protected. Our team informs you about the coverage details, claim processes, and any additional insurance options available.

Route Optimization

We utilize advanced and in-depth regional knowledge to determine the most efficient routes for your vehicle's shipment. This approach not only reduces transit times but also minimizes potential risks and costs. From avoiding traffic-heavy areas for road shipments to selecting the most direct shipping lanes for sea and air freight, our route optimization ensures that your vehicle is transported via the most cost-effective and safe route possible.

Storage & Maintenance

In addition to our shipping services, Vervo Middle East offers storage solutions for shipped vehicles in specialized parking lots. Our storage facilities worldwide are equipped with advanced security systems and climate control features to ensure the utmost care and protection of your vehicle during transit delays or extended stays, keeping your vehicle in prime condition.

Specialized Handling

As different types of vehicles require unique handling techniques. Our car shipping team expertly employs specialized loading and unloading methods tailored to each vehicle's specific needs. This could include customized ramps for low-ground-clearance vehicles, reinforced straps for heavy vehicles, cushioned tie-downs for delicate models, and other specialized options. From high-end sports car to a hefty SUV, an electric car, a delicate vintage vehicle, or even heavy-duty construction machinery, we have the skills and equipment to handle them all with utmost care in the UAE and over 120 countries. This specialized attention ensures that every car, regardless of its type or size, is transported safely, securely, and without the slightest compromise on its integrity.

Car Shipping Services:

Car Shipping by Air Freight

 Access the fastest possible transportation for your vehicles! Vervo Middle East offers premium car shipping services by air to and from the UAE. Ideal for urgent deliveries, high-value vehicles, long-distance international shipments, or multimodal shipping. Our air freight team ensures your car arrives swiftly and securely. We handle every aspect of air shipping meticulously, from secure packing and loading to customs clearance and delivery. perfect choice for those who value speed and safety above all, as you enjoy reduced transit times and enhanced security. 

Car Shipping by Sea Freight

Our sea freight services in the UAE provide a cost-effective solution for international car shipping. Ideal for those looking for an economical option without compromising on reliability. We offer various sea shipping methods, including containerized and Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) services, tailored to your vehicle's needs. Our expert team ensures that your vehicle is securely stowed and protected throughout its sea journey, with our stringent safety protocols and comprehensive insurance coverage providing an added layer of security. The cost of car shipping by sea depends on the route, size, and the car’s technical condition. While transporting cars by sea, we have to make sure the battery is removed and the fuel tank is empty and clean.

Car Shipping by Land Freight

Vervo Middle East’s land shipping services offer a practical and flexible solution for both short- and long-distance car transportation by rail and trucks. Whether it's through our sophisticated fleet of enclosed carriers for luxury and classic cars or open trailers for standard vehicles, we ensure safe and efficient transport across the UAE, the Gulf States, and beyond. Our land shipping is characterized by meticulous route planning, regular updates, and adherence to strict delivery schedules, ensuring your vehicle arrives on time and in pristine condition.Car shipping costs depend on the type of truck trailer; e.g. open carriers cost less than enclosed carriers for the same route.

Multi-Modal Car Shipping:

Combine various modes of transport, such as sea, air, rail and land, to optimize your car shipping process in terms of costs and time. Our multimodal solutions are ideal for complex shipping needs, offering a balance of speed, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. We coordinate all aspects of the multi-modal transport, ensuring a smooth car(s) transition between different modes and guaranteeing that your vehicle reaches its destination through the most effective route and method.

Luxury Car Shipping

Whether you are shipping a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, or Lamborghini, our logistics team is highly equipped to handle your prized possession with the utmost precision. We ship luxury cars via enclosed carriers to protect against weather and road debris. The handling process includes the use of specialized equipment to avoid any undercarriage damage. We also offer enhanced safety measures including robust insurance options and GPS tracking, ensuring you have complete peace of mind throughout the shipping process. Every luxury car shipment is treated as a unique project, warranting a bespoke approach. Our experts meticulously craft competitive, customized quotes for your shipment, ensuring your luxury vehicle's journey to or from Dubai and other emirates is as exclusive as the car itself. Request your car shipping quote today.

Motorcycle Shipping

Vervo Middle East extends its expert shipping services to motorcycles as well, providing secure domestic and international transportation. Motorcycles require secure crating and padding to prevent any movement during transit, which could lead to scratches or other damage. The loading and unloading process for motorcycles also requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure that these lighter and often more maneuverable vehicles are handled safely. Whether your motorcycle needs to be transported from auctions, manufacturers, or warehouses, we ensure a safe and protected journey straight to your doorstep in the UAE or worldwide. Our dedicated team understands the intricacies of motorcycle shipping and guarantees the highest level of security throughout the process. From the careful loading to the mindful unloading at the destination, we handle every step with precision, ensuring your motorcycle arrives in pristine condition.

Electric Car Shipping

At Vervo Middle East, we offer specialized shipping services for electric cars to and from the UAE. From handling their sensitive components to accommodating their charging needs, our team is expert in the latest protocols for safely transporting electric vehicles, ensuring they are handled with the special care they deserve.

This includes ensuring that the vehicle is properly powered down and that the battery is securely fastened. Special consideration is also given to the weight distribution during transport, as electric cars often have different weight profiles due to their battery packs.

Whether you are shipping a Tesla, a Nissan Leaf, or any other electric model, we provide tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of your electric vehicle, ensuring it arrives at its destination from anywhere in the world to the UAE safely and efficiently. With Vervo Middle East, rest assured that your electric car is in knowledgeable and capable hands.

Car Shipping Services From the USA to Dubai

Our comprehensive car shipping services extend from the USA to Dubai, a popular route for a wide range of American vehicles, including classic cars, muscle cars, and modern electric models. At Vervo Middle East, we facilitate the entire process, ensuring your vehicle is safely transported from the USA to Dubai with the utmost attention to detail. We manage all aspects of shipping, from meticulously planning your shipment and secure loading in the USA to smooth customs clearance and delivery in Dubai. Our experienced team ensures compliance with all export and import regulations, offering a stress-free shipping experience for your car cargo.

Car Shipping Services From Germany to Dubai

Vervo Middle East offers specialized car shipping services from Germany to Dubai, catering to the unique demand for European performance vehicles in the UAE. The brand-new Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Porsche can be delivered straight from the car factory to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other destinations in the United Arab Emirates. Our service encompasses everything from efficient pickup in Germany, be it from dealerships, auctions, or private sellers, to safe, secure transportation and delivery in Dubai. We understand the intricacies of shipping different German manufactured automobiles, ensuring they are transported with the utmost precision. Our team expertly navigates the logistics and documentation including customs clearance and compliance with both German export and UAE import regulations, making the process seamless and hassle-free for you.

Car Shipping Services From Japan to Dubai

Vervo Middle East provides expert car shipping services from Japan to Dubai, a favored route for enthusiasts of Japanese performance and technology-driven vehicles right from the origin such as Honda, Mazda, Nissan, and other. Our service is designed to handle everything from the collection of your vehicle in Japan, whether it's a new purchase or a classic collectible, to its safe arrival in Dubai. Our team offers tailored solutions to ensure your cars secure transit from Japan to Dubai. We efficiently handle the logistics, including customs procedures and adherence to both Japanese and UAE import regulations, ensuring a smooth and reliable shipping experience.

Car Shipping Services From China to Dubai

With China emerging as a significant player in the automotive industry, Vervo Middle East provides dedicated car shipping services from China to Dubai. Whether you're importing new electric vehicles or specialized models, we ensure they are transported with the highest level of logistical professionalism. Our comprehensive service includes safe pickup in China, secure shipping, and efficient delivery in Dubai. We handle all logistical aspects, including navigating China’s export procedures and UAE’s import requirements, to offer you a seamless and efficient car shipping experience.

Shipping Cars with Vervo Middle East

Our car-forwarding services are cost-effective, fast, and safe. We guarantee delivering your vehicle(s) in ideal condition. Whether it is direct shipping or transshipment, we get your car at your doorstep on time! We cover all Emerates and neighboring countries with solutions always tailored to your needs.

Quality Services

Vervo Middle East, we place immense value on the quality and reliability of our car shipping services. From the very first interaction, we assure you that your vehicle’s shipment will receive our utmost priority.

Individual approach

Each shipment is assigned to a dedicated team of logistics specialists who offer personalized, step-by-step assistance throughout the entire shipping process. Our team serves as your point of contact for all inquiries and guidance.

Stay Informed

Stay connected with your vehicle's journey with our tracked shipping solutions, no matter where you are in the world. We offer advanced GPS tracking capabilities, providing you with a secure link to monitor your car in real-time.

Parking Lots For Shipped Cars

we understand that immediate pickup of your delivered vehicles might not always be feasible. To accommodate this, we offer both short-term and long-term parking solutions that are safe and highly secure. Whether you're in the United Arab Emirates or any other country around the globe, you can count on us to provide a secure holding space for your vehicles. Our international container cargo shipping services extend to over 120 countries, ensuring that car forwarding with us is not only safe and reliable but also cost-effective and expedient. We have a strong presence in the UAE, regularly delivering all types of vehicles to and from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities, serving all leading ports and locations with quick transit times and without any complications.

Connect from anywhere

Vervo Middle East is committed to delivering value-driven, professional freight forwarding solutions for all kinds of international cargo shipping needs. Our logistics specialists are ready to assist you in finding the most suitable and efficient shipping solutions tailored to your requirements. No matter where you are, connect with an expert today to tailor the best shipping services available for your needs.