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Vervo Middle East is a seasoned shipping and logistics company that offers all forms of logistics management and shipping services, including international Air Freight Forwarding.
We cooperate with global partners aiming to reduce your cargo shipping costs while shipping effectively.
We provide air deliveries to and from over 70 countries around the world. Vervo established a reliable and wide range of clients and partners. That allows us to professionally cover full-service logistics management for air forwarding solutions, including customs brokerage services, warehousing, tracked shipping, and cargo insurance, saving our clients’ time and letting them focus on their business priorities.
“Vervo shipping solutions” is built on decades of experience; we all types of air cargo transportation:
General cargo
General cargo
Special cargo
Special cargo
Air Freight

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We provide warehousing services, such as bonded warehousing or freight consolidation. Depending on your needs, we will organize labeling, inventory and other services.
Container Shipping

Container Shipping

Container shipping is generally the cheapest way to deliver large volumes of cargo overseas. International container cargo and sea freight usually go hand in hand.
Air forwarding

Air forwarding

Air forwarding is the most efficient solution for express shipping. Many cargo airlines provide a next day delivery service, and it is useful for businesses to deliver expensive products.
Car shipping

Car shipping

Car transport services are one of the most popular services in the United Arab Emirates. Your car shipping cost depends on a variety of factors - route, size of the vehicle, type of trailer and the like.

Get your global air shipping rates

Cargo shipping prices include both fixed and variable costs, and it is almost impossible to make an accurate shipping price calculation on a website.

If you need to deliver goods to the United Arab Emirates or worldwide; understanding cargo shipping costs is vital; Because costs can spiral without an in-depth knowledge of shipping routes and customs.

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What options does air forwarding include?

Air cargo shipping is regulated using specific aircraft with respective cargo spaces to fit the needed volume and weight.

Global air transport comes with various options according to your cargo type, volume, and weight. Besides your budget and the desired delivery time, our seasoned logistics specialists will select the most suitable type of air shipping service for your cargo.

Air forwarding is the best solution for express international shipping, especially for fast long-distance delivery requests. It guarantees a high level of shipping packages security for two reasons:

  1. There is no transshipment.
  2. The intense and strict security measures at airports.

Air forwarding is usually the optimal solution when it is impossible to deliver the shipping packages to the required destination by other freight forwarding methods. For instance, shipping to islands inaccessible by road and where ferries can not dock.

Vervo Middle East offers air freight transportation to over 70 countries around the world - the United States, The UAE, South America, China, Russia, and the European Union. We also offer to cover all customs formalities and taxes calculations.

Vervo Middle East also offers combined shipping services, AKA multimodal transport. Usually, combined transport is the most appropriate way to make international shipping in terms of speed, cost efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

For example, if the air freight is shipped to one of the largest airports in Europe, such as Helsinki Airport or Frankfurt Airport, but the shipping packages should be delivered to the Lithuanian capital - Vilnius, we offer to combine air shipping with land transport. This solution will provide freight forwarding that is faster and more profitable for the client than just using one mode of transport solely.

Airfreight in Dubai—The world’s leading logistics center

In only one working day, your products will reach 5 billion people!

Over 65% of the world's population is only 8 hours away from Dubai. With Dubai being the world's logistics center, we organize your express cargo shipping with the fastest delivery to and from The United Arab Emirates.

Why is air cargo the best solution for you?

Save Time

ir cargo is the fastest way to perform cargo shipping, not only because of the aircraft speed and smooth air traffic; but also because there are no transshipment points, and the risk factors are avoided.

Besides, Air forwarding is suitable for next-day delivery services.

Safe transportation

Vervo Middle East specialists provide leading solutions for collecting shipping packages from different clients in one air freight to reduce prices for air forwarding while saving time.

Such a solution ensures the safety of your cargo, with fast delivery, at reasonable rates. The cargo reloading will happen only at its destination and then be delivered to your door.

Express delivery

Whether you need an express shipping or overnight shipping, The most appropriate method that will meet your needs in terms of delivery time is air forwarding.

Air cargo is the optimal method for urgent deliveries, as it is impossible to perform international such a fast delivery by land, sea, or rail.

Individual Approach for Shipping Solutions

Vervo will complete all the customs formalities and provide a full package of customs brokerage services for air freight forwarding as part of your solution.


Vervo Middle East team of experienced logistics management specialists knows how to solve the most difficult challenges. Entrusting your cargo shipping to Vervo’s experts means that every logistics process will be thoroughly planned and strictly controlled, from documentation to unloading your shipping packages.


As a leading global cargo shipping and logistics management company, Vervo Middle East has established its reputation by providing high-quality shipping services since 2008 and establishing long-term cooperation with strategic international partners and respectful clients. Metal products, medicines, or pets - we will deliver all the shipping packages with the utmost care and attention.


International air cargo uses a modern monitoring system that accurately monitors air freight. The tracked shipping service is always available, and the cargo route is known and you can directly track it online, from the moment we load the shipping packages to unloading them at the destination.

The UAE Leading Airports - your safest choice!

The UAE distinguished itself as the home to the world's major world-class airports. In terms of their services, performance, quality, and infrastructure.

The UAE Leading Airports - your safest choice!

Logistical Services Prices

Vervo Middle East is a transport and logistics company that provides all cargo shipping services related to domestic and international freight forwarding. We aim to provide you with the finest quality possible. We always balance your cost by looking at all the available options and giving you a range of solutions customized to your specific cargo requirements.

Warehousing Prices

We offer all warehousing types: Bonded warehousing, temperature-controlled warehousing, excise warehousing, and other types. All with favorable conditions for distribution and long-term or short-term storage of goods.

The price for warehousing services depends on:

The Region
The Warehouse Type
The period your cargo will need to be stored.

Cargo Insurance Cost

Insured shipping is the best way to protect yourself from financial losses. A small outlay can give a lot of peace of mind. Cargo insurance is an investment that we highly recommend for valuable and fragile cargo.

There are several insurance policies available, and the price of cargo insurance will differ depending on the level of insurance cover.

Customs Clearance Fee

Customs clearance can be complicated. We can vastly simplify this process by handling all documents related to customs clearance. The price of customs brokerage services depends heavily on whether it is an export or import shipment. It is also affected by the cargo type.

Tracked Shipping Cost

Cargo tracking services provide accurate real-time cargo location information and reduce downtime costs.

In Vervo Middle East, we provide disposable and reusable GPS tracking devices attached to the load. So, with the cargo tracking services, you can feel 100% reassured about the safety of your goods.

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The Vervo Middle East team of professional freight forwarding specialists will find the best value-based solution for all kinds of international cargo shipping. Contact our logistics specialists and find the best solution for you now!