Air Freight

Vervo Middle East offers top-tier air freight and logistics services in the UAE, expertly tailored for speed, security, and efficiency. Access value-added services including customs clearance, real-time tracking, warehousing, cargo insurance, temperature-controlled shipments, and more!

We provide seamless access to tens of global cargo airports. Our solutions are designed for precision, reaching remote locations worldwide with unparalleled reliability. Request your free customized quote today!

Strategic Partnerships for Cost-Efficient Shipping!

Vervo Middle East connects with global strategic partners to economize your air shipping.

We offer air deliveries across more than 70 countries, leveraging our robust network worldwide.

Vervo Middle East excels in comprehensive logistics management for air forwarding, encompassing:

Customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution, tracked shipping, cargo monitoring, cargo insurance, specialized deliveries, and more.

No matter your cargo type, our solutions are planned to save time, enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities, leaving the logistics to us.

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Air Freight

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Customize diverse warehousing services for all cargo types, including bonded storage, cold storage, freight consolidation, cargo labeling, distribution, and inventory management, ensuring comprehensive handling.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping

Ship any load effortlessly with our LCL and FCL options. Book your spot on our next available container vessel today and ensure timely, efficient delivery. Find the most convenient container type for your cargo today!

Air forwarding

Customs Brokerage

Our team ensures compliance with all local and international regulations, handles all documentation, duties, and taxes, and streamlines your import and export processes for maximum efficiency. Connect with our team today.

Car shipping

Car Shipping

Effortlessly transport your vehicles to/from the UAE with Vervo Middle East. We move standard cars, tractors, motorcycles, electric, vintage, and race models. All documentation are covered. Request your free quote!

Get Your Customized Air Shipping Quote

Air freight shipping costs encompass a combination of fixed and variable expenses, making it a complex task to calculate precise rates online.

Unlike the fixed rates often found on other sites that may conceal additional costs and liabilities, our customized shipping quotes offer transparent, upfront pricing from start to finish, ensuring clarity and a personalized approach that matches the precise requirements of your air cargo without any hidden fees.

To obtain an accurate, tailored quotation for your air cargo shipping needs, simply complete our quote request form. 

This will allow you to receive a comprehensive and free air shipping quote that aligns with your specific logistics requirements in 60 minutes!

What Do Our Air Freight Services in the UAE Include?

Our services cater to diverse needs, ensuring that your cargo, regardless of its size, nature, or urgency, is delivered with precision and care.

At Vervo Middle East, we expertly tailor air cargo shipping services utilizing specialized aircraft meticulously chosen to accommodate your cargo's unique volume, class, and weight specifications.

Serving over 120 countries, including strategic hubs like the United States, the UAE, South America, China, the EU, Russia, and the European Union, Vervo Middle East not only ensures your cargo reaches its global destination but also manages all customs procedures and tax computations on your behalf.

Moreover, Vervo Middle East excels in integrated shipping solutions, or multimodal transport, striking the perfect balance between speed, cost efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

For instance, air freight arriving at major European airports such as Helsinki or Frankfurt from the UAE can be seamlessly connected with land transport to destinations like Vilnius. This combined approach optimizes freight forwarding, offering a swifter, more cost-effective service than relying on a single mode of transportation.

Got a different destination? We connect you with over 120 countries; call our team today! Request a personalized air shipping quote here

Air Freight in Dubai—The world’s leading logistics center

In only one working day, your products can reach 5 billion people via air freight shipping!

Over 65% of the world's population is only 8 hours away from Dubai. With Dubai being the world's logistics center, we organize your express cargo shipping with the fastest delivery to and from the United Arab Emirates and neighboring GCC countries.

Moving Air Cargo With Vervo Middle East:


Each shipment is unique! That's why we offer tailored air cargo solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether it's handling delicate goods, managing large volumes, or ensuring rapid delivery for time-sensitive items, our customized approach ensures that your cargo receives the care and attention it deserves. This level of customization not only provides flexibility but also maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


In the fast-paced world of air freight, staying informed about your shipment's status is crucial. Vervo Middle East employs state-of-the-art tracking technology, giving you real-time updates and peace of mind. Furthermore, our stringent security measures ensure the safety and integrity of your cargo from departure to arrival. This commitment to security minimizes risks and potential delays, assuring that your goods arrive safely and on schedule.  


Leveraging a vast global network along with deep local knowledge, Vervo Middle East connects you to a world of possibilities. Our expansive network, coupled with local UAE expertise, enables us to ensure efficient, timely international deliveries while adeptly managing regional logistics challenges.This combination of global reach and local know-how makes us an ideal partner for businesses looking to expand their operations both domestically and internationally.  

Leading Cargo Airports We Serve In the UAE

The UAE distinguished itself as the home to the world's major world-class cargo airports. In terms of their services, performance, quality, and infrastructure. With Vervo Middle East, we handle air cargo coming into the UAE via:

✅ At Vervo Middle East, we capitalize on Dubai International's (DXB) key position with access to over 100 airlines.

✅ Utilizing DXB's modern cargo handling facilities, we ensure your cargo is handled with optimal efficiency.

✅  We offer secure, temperature-controlled storage options for specialized shipments in the heart of the DXB.

✅  Expert customs brokerage services are also provided to facilitate smooth global transactions.

✅ Tailored warehousing solutions to meet specific cargo requirements.

✅ Al-Maktoum Airport, located near 'New Dubai', is set for major expansion in cargo operations.

✅ Our logistics services at DWC focus on streamlined handling and accurate tracking of cargo.

✅ We utilize DWC's extensive warehousing and advanced distribution networks.

✅ The airport's state-of-the-art infrastructure, combined with our expertise, provides premium and adaptable logistics solutions.

✅ Our approach at DWC is tailored to offer flexible, high-quality logistics for your air cargo needs.

✅ At Abu Dhabi International Airport, we offer a broad range of air freight services tailored to diverse needs.

✅ Our expertise covers handling various cargo types, including advanced cold chain logistics.

✅ We ensure seamless customs clearance for efficient import/export operations.

Our operations are designed for quick turnaround times for all shipments.

✅ We use the airport's advanced cargo terminals for meticulous management and monitoring of air cargo until its final destination.

✅ We utilize Sharjah International Airfield for customized logistics services.

✅ Our offerings include bonded warehousing, efficient customs brokerage, and real-time cargo tracking.

✅ We provide specialized temperature-controlled logistics to meet diverse cargo needs.

✅ Our services align with SHJ's continuous operations, ensuring round-the-clock logistics support.

✅ Leveraging SHJ's strategic location, we deliver versatile, top-quality cargo handling and logistics services.

✅ Vervo Middle East leverages RKT's key role as a central hub for efficient management of air cargo in and out of the UAE.

✅ We offer a full suite of services at RKT, including customs brokerage, advanced cargo handling, tailored bonded warehousing, cargo tracking, and insurance solutions.

✅ Our diverse logistics services are supported by a 24/7 operational framework, ensuring timely and flexible solutions.

✅ Utilizing RKT's facilities, we provide versatile, top-tier air cargo handling and logistics services.

✅ Our strategic use of RKT's location enables us to cater to a broad spectrum of global shipping needs, connecting the UAE with the world.

Integrated Air Cargo Services in the UAE and Beyond:

Our air shipping services go beyond mere air transport of cargo; we ensure a full logistical cycle, customized to your cargo from point A to point Z. At Vervo Middle East, we provide a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions for air shipments, encompassing every aspect of logistics to facilitate seamless, cost-effective, and efficient delivery. This includes:

☑ Warehousing and Distribution

Our warehousing solutions are diverse and adaptable, encompassing bonded, temperature-controlled, excise, and various other warehousing types. Each is designed to provide optimal conditions for both distribution and the short-term or long-term storage of your goods. The cost of our warehousing services is tailored based on the specific region, type of warehouse, and duration of storage required for your cargo. Just drop us your cargo details and get a customized quote! 

☑ Cargo Insurance

We provide three adjustable coverage levels for air cargo along with other customizable insurance options, tailoring protection to your specific needs. By collaborating with independent, reputable insurance partners both in the UAE and globally, known for their low claim rates, we ensure reliability and trust in our offerings. The cost of cargo insurance varies, reflecting the chosen level of cover, ensuring you have the right protection at the right price for your shipment. Call us today with your cargo details for a customized quote.

☑ Customs Brokerage

Customs clearance can often be a complex and daunting task, but our expertise significantly simplifies it for you. We handle all the necessary documents for customs clearance, leveraging our established connections with customs authorities both in the UAE and internationally. Our licensed customs specialists are always up-to-date with the latest regulations across over 120 countries, ensuring compliance and smooth processing. We provide full visibility of the entire clearance process right on your device, offering a single point of contact for convenience. Additionally, we offer quality inspections and assurance before clearance, ensuring your cargo passes through customs smoothly and without issues. The cost of our customs brokerage services varies depending on whether your shipment is for export or import and is also influenced by the type of cargo. Request your quote today!

☑ Cargo Tracking and Monitoring

At Vervo Middle East, we equip your shipments with state-of-the-art disposable and reusable tracking devices. These devices offer accurate, real-time location information, greatly reducing the potential for costly downtime. Also, they monitor critical conditions like temperature, humidity, and shock, ensuring your cargo's integrity. With our cargo tracking services, you gain complete peace of mind, staying constantly reassured about the safety and status of your goods throughout their journey. Get your free quote today.

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