Fresh and Refrigerated Shipping
 (Cold Chain Logistics in the UAE)

Customize comprehensive cold chain logistics services in the UAE and more than 120 countries with Vervo Middle East for shipping and logistics solutions!

Specializing in cold shipping, we excel in refrigerated transport in Dubai and beyond, offering the most competitive rates backed by a strong network of global strategic partners worldwide. 

We cover:

  • All types of temperature-sensitive cargo.
  • Temperature-controlled transportation in Dubai and globally
  • Comprehensive cold/frozen storage and warehousing solutions
  • Reefer truck rental and reefer container rental
  • Customs clearance and marine insurance
  • Cargo status monitoring and real-time tracking

Move your frozen and chilled cargo by reefer truck, reefer containers, air freight, and multimodal shipping.

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Premium Cold Chain Logistics Services in the UAE and Worldwide!

At Vervo Middle East, we are dedicated to preserving the quality of your perishable goods with our state-of-the-art cold chain solutions, ensuring your products retain their freshness and longevity.

Specializing in customized refrigeration and freezing logistics services, our team guarantees your temperature-sensitive cargo is transported and stored under optimal conditions in the UAE and globally, regardless of the freight type.

Tailored Temperature-Control Solutions for Global Freight

We offer a comprehensive suite of fresh and cold shipping options tailored to your unique needs. Our services are designed to offer:

✅ Diverse Transportation Modes: Choose from air, sea, rail, road, or multimodal to match your speed and budget requirements.

✅Competitive Pricing: Access the most cost-effective transport charges without compromising shipping quality.

✅Flexible Scheduling: Benefit from adaptable transit times that align with your project deadlines.

✅Custom Temperature Control: We cater to a broad spectrum of goods, each with specific temperature requirements, ensuring your cargo is kept in the ideal condition throughout its journey.

Container shipping
Our team of logistics specialists meticulously plans and executes refrigerated shipping services tailored to your specific shipping requirements. Connect today for a free shipping quote tailored to your unique cargo’s needs.

Middle East Logistics Solutions



Our suite of warehousing services in the UAE and beyond is designed to meet all cargo needs, including  bonded storage,  freight consolidation,  cargo labeling,  distribution services, inventory management, and more. Request your free quote now.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping

We skillfully manage LCL and FCL shipments with an extensive selection of containers to suit any cargo type—standard, refrigerated, open-top, and more. Call us to secure your cargo's passage on the next outbound container vessel now.

Air forwarding

Air Freight

Covering key global cargo airports with the UAE, we provide swift and reliable air freight for your shipments. Whatever the cargo class, just provide our team with your load specifics, and we'll ensure its speedy and accurate air transport to or from the UAE.

Car shipping

Car shipping

Ship your vehicle to the UAE effortlessly, be it a standard car, motorcycle, electric, classic vintage, or racing car. We cover  customs clearance with precision so your vehicle's transit to its new home is managed by our logistical experts with care.

Keep It Cool All the Way With Precision:

Vervo Middle East Offers an Ultimate Choice for Refrigerated and Frozen Shipping to and from the UAE.

Explore our extensive freight and warehousing options for Temperature-controlled Cargo! ⬇️

Refrigerated and Frozen Shipping in the UAE by Vervo Middle East

We keep goods cool and fresh from the moment we receive them to the destination.

Ensuring the integrity of your chilled and frozen cargo is pivotal to maintaining an unbroken cold chain.

Vervo Middle East’s global team of refrigeration experts and logistics specialists in the heart of Dubai is dedicated to safeguarding your goods during each phase of transit.

We adhere to stringent quality standards in logistics management, ensuring the integrity and protection of various types of fresh cargo during loading, transit, unloading, warehousing, and final delivery.

We provide comprehensive transport solutions via road, rail, sea, air, and multimodal sipping to expedite delivery. We serve routes to and from Europe, the GCC region, Africa, China, South Asia, the USA, South America, and beyond.

Whether it's food, flowers, FMCGs, or pharmaceuticals, we handle your refrigerated, frozen, or deep-frozen cargo with meticulous care.

For flawless end-to-end handling of your fresh goods, reach out now to receive a free, customized quote!

Applying the Latest Technology for A Safer Cold Chain

We equip our shipping and logistics operations with the most modern refrigeration systems to keep your frozen and chilled cargo safe during transit and storage.

Our team integrates state-of-the-art cooling, freezing, and moisture control technologies. Our transportation solutions, from cool trucks and refrigerated vans to reefer containers, are tailor-made for shipping frozen and chilled cargo, featuring:

  • Advanced refrigeration units with superior refrigeration and freezing capabilities.
  • Integrated temperature and humidity monitoring and control systems.
  • Even distribution of cooled air within the transport unit.
  • A variety of settings are available, so you can customize temperature options for different cargo.

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Maintain Control All the Way

From regulating humidity and air distribution to conducting systematic checks and maintaining consistent internal temperature management, we recognize the critical need for precise control over every aspect of the cold chain.

Our end goal is to preserve the integrity and freshness of your cargo from A to Z.

Each type of good has its unique requirements. Our team meticulously assesses your cargo's specific needs to formulate the safest shipping and storage conditions—this is especially vital for sensitive healthcare products vulnerable to even the slightest temperature fluctuations.

Vervo Middle East’s logistics specialists are dedicated to planning and executing the most convenient shipping solution for your cargo.

Reach out to secure the freshness of your shipment and access international refrigerated and frozen freight forwarding solutions at competitive rates backed by our strategic partnerships worldwide.

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Transportation Modes For Shipping Frozen and Fresh Cargo

Refrigerated Air Shipping

Vervo Middle East offers refrigerated air freight with integrated logistics solutions and added value services. Leveraging a global network of airports, we offer extensive reach, reducing transit times.

The logistics features of our air freight services are thoughtfully designed to meet the stringent demands of chilled and frozen cargo transportation. We offer:

  • Rapid Transit to guarantee express shipping of perishables and short-shelf-life products.
  • Advanced refrigeration technology to ensure a constant, controlled environment and temperature integrity throughout the journey.
  • Specialized containers, we utilize temperature-controlled ULDs (Unit load devices) designed for the unique requirements of air transport.

Along with real-time monitoring, including temperature and humidity tracking, you can monitor your load in-flight. Our ground handling is synchronized with air schedules to minimize wait times, ensuring a swift transition from storage to air transit. Trained logistical professionals manage the loading and unloading process, maintaining the cold chain with precision. Customs clearance, warehousing, and cargo insurance are also offered as needed!

Refrigerated Road Freight

Our refrigerated road freight services operate within the United Arab Emirates and extend to neighboring countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Oman, etc. We also offer door-to-door delivery services in more than 120 countries, with specialized road shipping.

Vervo Middle East's ground freight solutions for refrigerated cargo employ a diverse fleet of reefer trucks and containers, each meticulously maintained to ensure an uninterrupted cold chain from the initial pick-up point to the final destination.

  • Small Reefer Vans
  • Standard Reefer Trucks
  • Large Refrigerated Trailers
  • Multi-Temperature Reefer Units

To maintain our commitment to the highest standards, our reefer trucks undergo regular maintenance, including:

  • System checks and regular inspections.
  • Cleanliness Protocols.
  • Frequent calibration of temperature control systems.
  • Component upkeep, including compressors, insulation, and air seals, to ensure thermal efficiency.

Rent the right type of reefer truck for your specific needs today! We ensure that your temperature-controlled cargo is delivered safely by road with added-value logistics servcies.

Refrigerated Sea ​​Freight

Our refrigerated sea freight services from and to the UAE are specially engineered to meet the sophisticated requirements of cool and frozen cargo transportation. What do we offer?

Diverse Reefer Fleet: From high-tech controlled-atmosphere containers to super freezer options.

✅Rigorous Pre-Trip Inspections (PTI): Each container is thoroughly inspected pre-trip.

✅Integrated Cold Chain Management: Well-planned on-board and on-ground coordination.

✅Real-Time Monitoring: Advanced telematics for temperature and humidity oversight, with data loggers for journey-long reporting with a button click.

✅Strategic Stowage: For minimized heat exposure and assured air flow in each transportation unit, complemented by backup refrigeration for added cargo security.

✅Perishable Logistics: Our team is versed in handling, stowing, and thermally insulating a variety of temperature-sensitive cargo for maximum energy efficiency.

✅Comprehensive Door-to-Door Service: Inclusive of inland transport, customs clearance, cold warehousing, and final delivery and distribution.

To cater to the varied demands of temperature-sensitive shipping, we offer access to different reefer containers of all types, sizes, and capacities, designed for optimal cold chain management:

  • Standard Reefer Containers
  • Controlled Atmosphere Containers
  • Modified/Controlled Atmosphere (MA/CA) Containers
  • Automatic Fresh Air Management Containers
  • Super Freezer Containers
  • Pharmaceutical-grade Containers

We collaborate with a network of leading shipping lines, ensuring container compatibility for global shipping. Every reefer container is subject to stringent maintenance protocols to ensure they operate efficiently and reliably from Pre-Trip Inspections (PTI) and Temperature Calibration to Gasket and Door Seals Inspections and Structural Integrity Checks.

At Vervo Middle East, we guarantee the integrity of your chilled and frozen goods, providing seamless and secure transportation to and from the UAE, across to neighboring countries, and globally via refrigerated ocean freight.

Multimodal Shipping of Refrigerated Cargo (Refrigerated Rail Freight)

Our rail freight services are tailored to transport refrigerated and frozen cargo efficiently, providing a reliable alternative for long-distance haulage with a focus on maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods. What do we offer?

☑️Modern reefer railcars
☑️Consistent cold chain management
☑️Real-time temperature tracking
☑️Energy-efficient transportation
☑️Optimized load planning
☑️Redundant cooling systems
☑️Expert handling
☑️Extended reach with access to remote inland destinations

We also ensure seamless intermodal connections. Our team facilitates smooth transitions between rail and other modes of transport, maintaining temperature control throughout all legs of the journey. Our value-added logistics services include warehousing and distribution, customs clearance, cargo tracking, and insurance. This is beside specialized deliveries like expedited shipping, door-to-door service, white gloves, last and first mile, hard-to-access deliveries, and more!

Refrigerated Rail Wagons

Refrigerated rail wagons, commonly referred to as "reefer railcars," come in different types to serve various needs in cold chain logistics. Here are some of the common types we utilize for multimodal cargo via rail:

 Insulated Boxcars - Enclosed with insulation to minimize temperature fluctuations.

→ Mechanical Reefer - Refrigerated wagon equipped with a mechanical refrigeration system.

→ Cryogenic Reefers—Utilize frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) or liquid nitrogen as cooling agents.

→ Ventilated Reefers - Equipped with ventilation systems that allow for the circulation of fresh air.

→ Controlled Atmosphere Reefers - With advanced systems that also control the composition of the air inside the container—levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.

→ Heated Reefers - For a consistently warm environment.

→ Plug-in Electric Reefers - Connected to an electrical power supply while stationary without using the onboard refrigeration unit's fuel, which is an energy-efficient option for longer transshipping during loading, unloading, or in transit.

→ Intermodal Reefers - Standardized to fit on flatcars or well cars, and can be easily transferred between different transport vehicles without unloading the cargo.

How Do We Integrate Various Modes of Transport?

✅Etihad Rail Network within the UAE: To distribute refrigerated cargo locally across the seven emirates. Our rail solutions are fully integrated with road transport, offering extended reach beyond rail terminals to final destinations within the country and to the UAE’s adjacent countries.

✅Rail-Sea Global Shipping from the UAE: For broader international reach, we merge rail freight with sea transport, connecting Etihad Rail to major seaports and facilitating global shipping with a strong cold chain foundation.

✅Silk Road Rail Connectivity for Europe and Asia: Our services extend to cover the Silk Road, connecting Europe and Asia. We specialize in rail freight as part of a multimodal strategy, incorporating road, sea, and air shipping. Refrigerated cargo from the UAE can be transported across continents, ensuring products maintain their integrity through varying climates and terrains.

Vervo Middle East’s refrigerated rail freight services stand out as a competitive option for transporting refrigerated and frozen cargo in the most economical way, combining the benefits of cost efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and robust temperature control mechanisms. Our expert team guarantees that your refrigerated cargo is delivered in perfect condition, whether it's a local delivery within the UAE or an international journey spanning continents.

Convenience in Every Shipment – We Simplify Your Cold Chain.

Tailored Refrigerated Cargo Shipping Solutions and Cold Chain Logistics

Customized Shipping Strategies
At the core of our services, we meticulously tailor each logistics solution to align with your unique temperature-controlled cargo’s requirements and within your budget while fulfilling all health and quality conditions. to ensure full compliance.

Dedicated One-Point Contact
We assign a dedicated team of logistics specialists to your cargo, providing you with a single point of contact to address all your queries and updates throughout the shipment's journey. We also offer adjustable cargo insurance policies as per your needs.

End-to-End Service
Our team oversees every aspect of your refrigerated cargo's journey from A to Z, whether within the UAE or across international borders. We ensure your goods move within a secure and controlled environment.

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Reach out to our dedicated team of refrigerated transport experts today, and let us tailor a seamless, temperature-controlled shipping solution just for you.