Cargo Insurance

Access customizable marine insurance packages in the UAE and over 120 countries today! 

Vervo Middle East offers flexible insurance plans to fully cover your shipped and warehoused cargo against damage, loss, and other risks, safeguarding your shipments every step of the way.

Cargo Insurance Solutions

Vervo Middle East is your go-to source for reliable cargo shipping insurance, both in the United Arab Emirates and beyond!

Our mission is to safeguard your shipment against various potential risks and uncertainties that come with maritime transportation and other modes of shipping.

Cargo insurance is a risk-mitigating factor that is critical to any supply chain. That is why we meticulously craft insurance packages to offer expansive coverage for a wide array of circumstances, whether at sea, in the air, or over land. At Vervo Middle East, cargo insurance solutions are designed to provide peace of mind, secure your cargo comprehensively, and shield your business from potential financial liabilities.

Did you know?

While relying solely on commercial insurance policies or carrier liability coverage can leave gaps in protection, Vervo Middle East fills these gaps. Our comprehensive coverage plans are customized to fit the unique needs of your shipment, encompassing all cargo types, transportation modes, and industries.

Get access to one of the largest and most experienced networks of:

  • Cargo insurance specialists
  • Claims experts
  • Risk consultants

During our free consultation session, Vervo Middle East's expert consultants will gladly tell you more about cargo insurance options available for your cargo and what customized insurance policies better fit your cargo needs.

Cargo insurance

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Our warehousing services cater to every type of cargo, offering a variety of solutions, including bonded storage, consolidation of freight, labeling of cargo, distribution, managing inventory, and additional services.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping

Book your space now for either (LCL) or (FCL) shipments on the next available container vessel. Access an array of container options, including standard, high cube, refrigerated (reefer), flat-rack, open top, platform, and more.

Air forwarding

Air forwarding

Need fast shipping? Vervo Middle East provides rapid "next-day delivery" options via air freight, connecting a vast network of major cargo airports worldwide. Just share your cargo specifics with our team to initiate the process.
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Customs Clearance

Access top-notch customs brokerage services in the UAE and internationally. We ensure compliance, manage all aspects of documentation, duties, and taxes while optimizing your import/export processes for smooth cargo freight.

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How Does Cargo Insurance Work With Vervo Middle East

With decades of experience in freight forwarding, Vervo Middle East provides insurance coverage for a wide variety of cargo, from commodities and goods to large-scale machinery. Our tailored cargo insurance solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of your shipments.

We employ efficient recovery services, which include salvage operations and subrogation strategies, with a focus on minimizing financial setbacks. These efforts are aimed at reducing overall costs and mitigating net losses. Choosing Vervo Middle East guarantees:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end security risk assessments
  • Customized insurance policies at competitive prices
  • Broader coverage options beyond standard insurance offerings
  • Quick and efficient quotation process and swift claim resolutions
  • Specialized security services and risk analysis for warehousing, cargo, and transportation
  • In-depth expertise and consultancy in all aspects of security and risk management

Our cargo insurance packages are designed to cover a broad spectrum of potential risks, including but not limited to the loss or damage of cargo via any transport by which the property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and the final destination. Our industry-leading portfolio of supply chain insurance services safeguards your cargo from a wide range of risks. Below are the additional benefits you can expect!

Benefits You Will Receive:

Coverage Flexibility:

Adapt coverage as per your needs for shipped and warehoused cargo. You can adjust the level of coverage or add clauses for specific risks. Moreover, choose between 'per shipment' insurance for specific cargo or a comprehensive contract for automatic coverage on all shipments you conduct if you ship cargo frequently, ensuring tailored insurance solutions.

Global Reach:

Our global network provides invaluable support in the event of unexpected incidents. This includes local knowledge about the best repair services and legal advice, as well as assistance with language barriers and understanding foreign regulations. With Vervo Middle East, your global reach extends beyond the UAE to over 120 countries.

Claim Advocacy:

Should an incident occur, our dedicated team liaises with insurance surveyors and adjusters to maximize your claim recovery promptly. Our specialized claim processing support handles complex scenarios efficiently. We expedite claims to minimize operational disruptions, ensuring business continuity. At Vervo Middle East, you are insuring your business's resilience.

Risk Management:

A structured avenue for risk management for all freight! By transferring the risk of cargo incidents to us, you can focus resources on core business operations. We also implement strategic risk management and assessment. Our logistics team conducts thorough analyses, identifying and mitigating potential risks to every cargo we plan.

What Does Freight & Cargo Insurance Cover?

The carrier's liability insurance does not cover risks such as cargo damage and losses during transit or after delivery. For this reason, we offer a reliable insurance solution based on ICC (A, B, and C) conditions that consider the practical aspects of cargo compensation. 

We divide our ICC classes into three categories based on your needs: 

A – responsibility for all risks 

B – responsibility for declared risks

C – limited responsibility for named risks.

Given the above ICC classifications, the insurance coverage is governed by the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions outlined in the applicable insurance policy. The insurance coverage is underwritten by an authorized insurance company and issued through licensed insurance producers.

Powered By Top-tier Insurance Partners

We craft our cargo insurance offerings by working closely with esteemed insurance collaborators worldwide. Depending on your requirements, our policies deliver comprehensive or selective coverage, safeguarding against risks associated with air, maritime, and land transport. 

Our cargo insurance aims primarily to ensure compensation for your freight in case of any mishaps during its journey from origin to destination. Vervo Middle East's insurance services span over 120 countries, covering:

✓ All Transportation Modes 

✓ Different Cargo Classes 

✓ All Industries

Stay Informed All The Way

As a dedicated logistics ally, ensuring our clients' peace of mind stands at the forefront of our mission. We embrace a tailored, comprehensive strategy for cargo insurance, offering adaptable options for both single shipments and ongoing contracts. Tailored to your unique requirements, our quotes are transparent and consider the nature of your cargo and its transport mode, with no concealed fees.

Our coverage packages also include:

✓ Stock Throughput

✓ International and Domestic Transit

✓ Tailor-made Coverage (E.g. With specific wording related to the industrial categories.)

make claims easier

Vervo Middle East insurance is easy to set up and claim. Our expert teams manage everything, from providing the initial quote to handling claim settlements if any are requested. The streamlined claim process with Vervo Middle East is engineered to minimize difficulties, enabling you to swiftly receive compensation up to your cargo's invoice value through an online claim filing system. Claims are processed directly by the pertinent insurance company, featuring an uncomplicated procedure characterized by prompt and straightforward processing, along with continuous support and updates.

Questions? We'll connect you to our experts to answer all your inquiries.

One Solution with Several Advantages.

  • Bespoke worldwide coverage includes consistent protection, regardless of shipping mode.
  • Claim settlement is based on real value, such as the invoice value and freight costs.
  • End-to-end bespoke scheme for transported and/or warehoused cargo.
  • Secure your shipment from door to door and from receipt to delivery.

Carrier Liability vs. Cargo Insurance: Beware of the Difference

Safety of goods

Even minor errors can lead to significant threats. Without a proper understanding of the differences between a real insurance policy, declared value, and carrier liability coverage, unexpected issues in your supply chain can lead to substantial losses. While we handle every shipment with the utmost care, international regulations limit carrier liability, often resulting in restricted compensation limits. At Vervo Middle East, we bridge this gap by offering various insurance options to shield your cargo against physical damage, loss or other risks. Our tailored insurance policies are designed to meet your cargo's unique needs. 

Know Your Rights: What could go wrong?

If a shipment is lost or damaged, it's vital to ensure you're adequately covered. Carrier liability, while suitable for some, is not comprehensive insurance. It comes with several exclusions and could entail legal expenses to secure a claim.

Relying solely on declared value or carrier liability may result in unpaid freight claims during unforeseen events like damage, loss, or delay. This can significantly impact your financial protection, with carrier liability often falling short of covering your actual loss.

Identifying The True Insurance Policy:

Without genuine insurance, facing an unpleasant event can leave you without viable options for recourse. Protect your shipments and business interests with real insurance solutions from Vervo Middle East. At Vervo Middle East, we offer real peace of mind and fewer headaches with real cargo insurance solutions to mitigate risk and safeguard your supply chain. Our authentic cargo insurance solutions are designed to:

  • Alleviate the stress of unpaid freight claims and safeguard your financial margins.
  • Provide a clear understanding of coverage and the potential financial impact of losses.
  • Offer custom risk-mitigation solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • Ensure pre-determined terms, with all possible scenarios and their implications clearly outlined for prior agreement.
  • Extend coverage to include warehoused inventory.

Determining Your Insurance Value:

Factors like general liability, freight classification, shipping routes, shared values, cargo type, loss history, and more play a crucial role in determining the value and total cost of your freight and cargo insurance. Our specialists provide valuable insights into assessing your risks. Working together, we tailor an insurance plan that best suits your shipment and specific requirements. We assist in evaluating the amount of insurance needed, balancing potential costs against the risks and collateral damage of being uninsured. 

Shipping to or from the United Arab Emirates?

If you are shipping to or from the UAE, take your cargo insurance to the next level with Vervo Middle East. 

Our solutions meet the unique demands of the UAE’s vital trade hub. Access tailored insurance policies that cater specifically to the intricacies of UAE shipping regulations and practices. This includes:

  • Take the frustration out of unpaid freight claims and protect your margins.
  • Understand how you're covered and the impact a loss can have on your bottom line.
  • Customize a risk-mitigation alternative for your unique business.
  • Get pre-known terms and all potential possibilities outlined with their interpretations to agree on them in advance.
  • Expand your coverage to include your warehoused inventory.

With our focused approach, we ensure that your shipments to or from the UAE are safeguarded against risks, providing peace of mind and a reliable foundation for your international trade ventures.

Individual Approach

As we showed; Vervo Middle East's cargo insurance comes with various coverage schemes for all modes of transportation. Our individual approach to logistics solutions allows you to choose the end-to-end cargo insurance option that’s right for you. Clients’ requirements are different. That's why we work closely to offer personalized coverage. 

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