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Fast and cost-effective international container shipping to and from any country. We can deliver goods of all types, including oversized or temperature controlled cargo.
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Approximately 90% of the world's cargo is transported by sea and 60% of all these goods are shipped using container transport methods. Vervo Middle East is a transport and logistics company that offers all types of international cargo shipping. Including container shipping with port to port or door to door delivery. Nearly all international container shipping is transported by sea. With Vervo, you can access multimodal transportation, which is shipping that combines land and rail freight forwarding with sea freight to minimize costs. Through many years of experience, we have developed relationships and resources that mean we can find the best solution to your shipping needs.
Integrated Container Logistics
We offer a range of containers, including: dry storage containers, flat rack containers, reefer containerss and any a variety of less common options. This, combined with groupage (LCL) or full container (FCL) freight forwarding options, makes it possible for Vervo to provide an effective, reliable and cost effective container transport solution for any situation.
Our impressive global infrastructure lets us perform international container shipping to and from Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.
Container shipping

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We provide warehousing services, such as bonded warehousing or freight consolidation. Depending on your needs, we will organize labeling, inventory and other services.
Container Shipping

Container Shipping

Container shipping is generally the cheapest way to deliver large volumes of cargo overseas. International container cargo and sea freight usually go hand in hand.
Air forwarding

Air forwarding

Air forwarding is the most efficient solution for express shipping. Many cargo airlines provide a next day delivery service, and it is useful for businesses to deliver expensive products.
Car shipping

Car shipping

Car transport services are one of the most popular services in the United Arab Emirates. Your car shipping cost depends on a variety of factors - route, size of the vehicle, type of trailer and the like.

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What’s Possible With Container Shipping?

International container shipping can be carried out using multimodal transportation. So, it’s possible to take advantage of both land and rail freight forwarding routes. The key benfit of this for you is that you can access an optimal solution for long distance freight without reloading cargo from one tank or trailer to another.

Every time your cargo is unloaded and reloaded; you incur an additional cost. At Vervo, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you avoid falling into this costly trap. One of our freight forwarding agents will recommend the best solution for your route. We are always value focussed. As such, we offer a choice of containers and a variety of transport options to suit your needs and cargo type.

Prices for international container shipping depends on the distance, size and type of container as well as the mode of transport.

International Container Shipping with All Modes of Transport

Container Shipping by Sea

Container shipping by sea is one of the most commonly used services in the UAE. It’s possible to deliver large amounts of container cargo overseas cost-effectively. Including, to and from the USA, South America or to and from China.

Container Shipping by Road

To ensure safe and reliable international container shipping by sea or rail, it’s necessary use road freight to deliver containers to or from ports. We have relationships with road transport solution companies that can handle all types of container cargo.

Container Shipping by Rail

Container shipping by rail is an ideal solution for a fast and cost-effective delivery. The rail network in the UAE is still developing. However, we can organize container shipping by rail from China to Europe using the “Silk Road”.

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The 8 Most Common Types of Containers

Standard Containers

International container shipping using standard containers is one of the safest, most reliable and affordable delivery methods. Container shipping of this sort is carried out in enclosed cargo spaces, which provides the container cargo with maximum protection. Standard containers can be transported by sea, rail or road and they have capacities of various sizes, from standard 11 Euro pallets to non-standard containers. The most popular container sizes are 20, 40 and 45 feet.

Open Containers

The main difference between a standard container and an open top container is the ability to remove the roof and door supports. With open containers, it is possible to load heavy and oversized cargo easily from above or in front of the container. Therefore, open side containers are good for non-standard loads that require a forklift.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated or reefer containers are generally used for specialist cargoes such as medicine, food or other groups of cargo that require controlled temperature conditions. We can provide container transport that maintains temperatures between + 25 and -25 degrees Celsius. There are 3 standard sizes of refrigerated containers. However, they can be adapted to the size and volume of the load.

Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers are mostly used for non-standard cargo shipping. Flat-racks have 2 side walls that secure the load. They come in 2 sizes – 20 and 40 feet. Flat rack container transport is a great choice if transporting heavy and oversized cargo and is commonly used to ship technical equipment.

Ventilated Containers

Ventilated containers are ideal for the international shipping of products such as grains, coffee, cocoa and other goods that require an air exchange. Containers with ventilation systems are only available in one size- 20 feet.

Bulk Containers

Bulk containers are 20 feet long. They ensure the safe transportation of bulk goods. Bulk containers are loaded through three openings in the roof of the container. Unloading is quick and easy as there are funnels within the walls of the containers. Often, bulk containers are used for foods categorized as ‘dry’, like seeds, spices and grains.

Tank Containers

Tank containers are similar to road tankers, because they are designed to carry a variety of liquids, such as juices, oils or chemicals, that are classified as dangerous (ADR). One of the advantages of tank containers is their large volume capacity, which reduces transportation costs in some situations.

Container Platform

Container platform containers have no sides, unlike standard containers. They are mostly used for heavy and oversized cargo shipping. Container transport shipping of this type is safe, as they include specialized equipment for loading and unloading, and for securing the container cargo itself.

International Container Shipping with Vervo Middle East

Cargo Insurance

When transporting expensive or rare goods to and from the UAE, we can insure your cargo to protect your finances and to guarantee your peace of mind.

Customs Clearance

The formalities that are related to customs clearance are generally complex.
Our customs clearance agents will help you to understand everything required to ensure tax compliance around container shipping.


We can provide all types of warehousing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Europe, Africa and elsewhere. Store your cargo in a safe place with 24/7 security.

Incoterms 2020

International commercial terms (Incoterms) are used all over the world- from China to the USA. Incoterms define responsibilities, risks and costs between the buyer and seller. We will cut through the jargon and make this process as painless as possible.
Vervo Middle East provides all types of international container cargo shipping. We are experieced in a vast network of routes that connect over 120 countries. Container cargo shipping is one of the best ways to deliver large amounts of cargo over long distances whilst minimizing costs. We can deliver any size and type of container - it’s safe, reliable and cost-effective!

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