Customs brokerage

'Comply and Clear' with end-to-end licensed customs brokerage services cover all documentation with added value at minimum cost. Connect to an expert!

Compliance & cost reduction.

When it comes to customs, we clear the way.
Vervo Middle East offers premium certified customs brokerage services. We employ our worldwide customs presence and expertise to minimize the complexity of import and export customs activities.

Customs clearance is an integral part of any end-to-end supply chain solution. As a seasoned freight forwarder and certified customs clearance agent, Vervo Middle East handled over 109,000 global shipments with deep experience and a positive reputation for timely delivery, complying with local rules and regulations.

We smoothly manage the complexity of customs regulations, duties, related fees, and taxes across the globe while attending to details and keeping track of everything. Our expert licensed customs brokers are scrupulous with finances, providing compliant services and transparency throughout every step of your customs clearance process.

Broad range of customs brokerage services

Vervo Middle East presents a complete portfolio of import/export services, including logistics, Customs Compliance Advisory Services, freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution, with a focused individualistic approach with added value based on your needs and requirements, to rest assured your business is fully taken care of.

Our definitive broad range of customs brokerage services comes with a smooth and on-time border crossing of shipments.
Customs brokerage

Middle East Logistics Solutions



We provide warehousing services, such as bonded warehousing or freight consolidation. Depending on your needs, we will organize labeling, inventory and other services.
Container Shipping

Container Shipping

Container shipping is generally the cheapest way to deliver large volumes of cargo overseas. International container cargo and sea freight usually go hand in hand.
Air forwarding

Air forwarding

Air forwarding is the most efficient solution for express shipping. Many cargo airlines provide a next day delivery service, and it is useful for businesses to deliver expensive products.
Car shipping

Car shipping

Car transport services are one of the most popular services in the United Arab Emirates. Your car shipping cost depends on a variety of factors - route, size of the vehicle, type of trailer and the like.

Get customized offers on custom brokerage service quotes.

With Vevo Middle East Customs servicers, you will be able to:

  1. Maintain control, reduce risk, avoid the administrative burden, delays, or costly penalties, and keep your freight moving across borders. 
  2. Easily navigate the complexities of customs compliance with our trusted advisors.
  3. Stay up to date on global trade laws and terms for an updated, well-arranged, and worry-free customs clearance.
  4. Take advantage of our expertise with cross-border specialists and licensed customs brokers.
  5. Mitigate customs compliance risks according to the latest trade and tariff insights from our trade experts.
  6. Use our sophisticated global gateway network with a presence in over 120 countries worldwide for professional last-mile delivery, warehousing, and return solutions.
  7. Maximize efficiency by building customs processes that follow localized governance structures, codes of conduct, compliance standards, rules, and regulations.
  8. Access to dedicated global, regional, and local teams of licensed customs experts in operational consistency and compliant trade activities.
  9. We benefit from strong relationships with government customs and security authorities.
  10. Obtain a superior level of secure delivery globally, utilizing the latest customs clearance technologies.
  11. Customs Entry Preparation, security, declaration, electronic filing, all related documentation, and paperwork.
  12. Robust reporting and real-time visibility into the entry process with complete transparency and peace of mind.
  13. FTZ (Free Trade Zone) entry processing and operations at all major global gateways. 
  14. Customs bond that is required for all official entry permits.
  15. Get Accurate HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) & Harmonized System (HS) Classification.
  16. Receive all the necessary global certifications, permits, and licensing application services around the world according to your cargo type and specific needs, besides other government agency services and in-transit movement.

Customs Brokerage and Compliance Solutions

Make the most of Vervo Middle East's customs expertise. We will guide you through the process of international shipping and customs formalities. Our Customs Brokerage department assists you in utilizing the best customs solutions for your business, with timely, compliant, and accurate entry and declaration submission to customs.

  • With virtual processing, we instantly clear thousands of international packages.
  • Handle clearances electronically before cargo arrives. 
  • Deal effectively with all complications and precisely classify duties and taxes.

Efficient operational performance is our cornerstone of success

 Our multimodal network, customs warehousing services, technological competence, and certified customs brokers distinguish us as one of the world's most globally connected logistics organizations. We provide the visibility and flexibility needed to deliver your freight to its destination on time without violating any legal requirements or regulations. Vervo Middle East has knowledge and experience you can trust for customs clearance handling around the world. Our expert specialists prepare needed documentation, process declarations, calculate tariffs and other taxes, arrange for governmental agency inspections, and coordinate delivery. We offer the depth and breadth of resources required for on-time customs clearance performance to help you forward goods that require special treatment in customs, including:

  • Easing interim import bonds.
  • Formal and live entry clearance.
  • Export/Import declaration processing.
  • Duty drawbacks coordination.
Vervo Middle East is an extension of your company. With a solid working connection with authorities at the local, regional, and global levels in +120 countries, we efficiently manage the clearance processes that differ across countries. We offer the added value of risk management,  suggestions on reducing the tariffs and taxes you pay, running import and export activities properly without legal or ethical issues, tracking, warehousing, FTZ solutions, insurance services, and more. Our experts tailor customs clearance services to your requirements, to comply with country-specific standards with on-time freight arrival, avoiding unnecessary fees and fines.

With Our Latest Software Technology, Customs Made Simple

Customs compliance software

Felicitous customs brokerage handling involves a combination of innovative software and experience. We migrate customs clearance procedures online. Vervo Middle East constantly researches and develops the in-house infrastructure with the latest technology to correspond with all requirements, so that electronic procedures are carried out properly.

With our customs compliance specialists, you will get access to powerful software and machine learning data capture technology that helps:

  • Optimize your customs operations, regardless of scale or complexity level. 
  • Provide cost estimates, licensing requirements, and information on trade regulations early on.
  • Handle large amounts of complex shipping data daily.
  • Quickly analyze documents and identify the proper HS/HTS code for a shipment.
  • Reduce manual workloads, minimize human errors, save time, and enhance visibility.
  • Overcome the major challenges and intricacies of global supply chains.

Here is How the customs brokerage process works

Invest your time managing your core business and meeting your objectives; We ease the stress of dealing with customs officials by accurately determining tariff classification, duties, and tax declarations for all shipment types. We perform innovative data auditing to ensure that all-important fields are correct.

Vervo Middle East is an all-around strategic forwarder partner who offers you industry-leading service and full support with all customs formalities and documentation. You will benefit from:

Customs Consultancy

A global network of competent customs consultants with knowledge of complicated regulatory requirements and the skills to assist with customs clearance.
Personalized guidance on cost management and improving your customs activities your specific business needs
Up-to-date information on regulatory changes around the world
Strategic planning and risk assessment to identify possible risk areas and improve operational efficiency.
Customized reports and insights on the performance besides supply chain review and interpretation to maximize internal control and compliance prior to the clearance process.

Stay globally connected ... we always have room for your cargo

Documentation and paperwork

  • Handling all customs formalities documents, including customs entry, orders, letters, lists, invoices, notices, licenses, certificates, and other special documentation.
  • Data Capture in 120+ countries, keeping the mandatory documents in order and transmitting the customs clearance documentation.
  • Commercial document assessment to ensure their compliance with regulatory requirements before their submission.
  • Convenient paperwork for completing, auditing, entering information, and updating shipment data into the database.

Tariff Classification

  • Checking the classification and valuation of your goods and making sure you use the right HS/HTS codes
  • Assigning shipments to the correct importer in the system, corresponding to the data on the invoice provided.
  • Performing quality assurance, compliance assessment, audit, and data match for accuracy against the packing list and rectifying errors as needed.

Compliance, Declaration, and payment

  • Creating, submitting, and monitoring customs declarations of cargoes besides contacting customs authorities when necessary
  • Identification of tariff and tax declarations, registration of cargo entries with customs authorities, and making sure of procedural compliance for all shipments 
  • Evaluating cargo, and confirming meeting global and country-specific trade norms.
  • Arranging for duties and taxes as needed, and submitting required payments to authorities. 
  • Verifying declarations and identifying cargo items to avoid excessive costs.
  •  Digital tracking and round-the-clock visibility of the clearance process for all countries where we provide customs brokerage services. 

Exception Management Process

  • Transparent communication with your team from the Customs Clearance Department of Vervo Middle East
  • Customized SLAs and proactive risk mitigation.
  • Managing daily tracing reports while maintaining an active presence on both sides of the border for secure freight delivery.
  • Advising on any required licenses, besides expert guidance based on a secure network of data infrastructure.
  • Contacting local customs officials and government agencies on your behalf.

United Arab Emirates Highlights

Opening new horizons for diversity

Whether you're shipping in or out of the UAE, our experience and technology will get your shipments cleared. We offer customs brokerage services throughout major ports and airports of entry in the UAE and all countries we serve. With innovative local and global solutions to simplify customs procedures and accelerate business growth.

Vervo Middle East Free Trade Zone solutions (FTZ)

Our FTZ logistics solutions can optimize your supply chain. Vervo Middle East is experienced in implementing Free Trade Zone logistics, together with warehousing, distribution, and inventory control services. We assist our clients in managing and containing costs while enhancing compliance. Vervo Middle East further boosts the value of FTZ solutions by providing coordinated services for customs brokerage, warehousing, and transportation. Free Trade Zone solutions contribute to reduced documentation fees and allow for customs deferrals, which in turn facilitates consolidating or freighting goods, repackaging, and more.

Customs Brokerage Costs

Customs clearance service charges cover the cost of preparing and submitting customs entry documentation, besides other services. Some factors contribute to customs brokerage costs, such as: 

  • The number of products being shipped.
  • Disbursements that are made on our client’s behalf. 
  • The cargo specifics and complexities from a customs perspective and the range of services provided. 
  • The cost of preparing, auditing, classifying, and submitting documentation besides processing duties payment.

We help you manage the cost.

By engaging Vervo Middle East's services in customs brokerage, you will reduce overall shipping costs: 

  • Depending on your requirements, such as cost and lead time, we will help select the optimal shipping option.
  • We will walk you through the maze of obligations that require fulfillment and systematically help navigate the complex tariff system.
  • Offer advice about how customs clearance decisions affect the total cost of your cargo freight.

We offer you cost managing solutions on imported goods such as exemptions on duties and taxes or late charges. Our experts ask the right questions to get all the information about your shipment well in advance.

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Drive intelligent solutions to your supply chain and stay connected across borders with your customers by handing over customs formalities responsibilities to our professional specialists,
you will minimize the hassle and allow for peace of mind to focus on your business through:

Benefit from our one-to-one approach to identify and tailor customs solutions to your requirements. We streamline things for you by engaging directly with agencies and the government throughout the shipping process. So all the required steps are fulfilled on time and within the planned scope and budget. With Vervo Middle East:

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