Heavy-Lift, OGG, and Project Cargo – UAE

Tailor a comprehensive suite of heavyweight and project cargo shipping and logistics services in the UAE and beyond in over 120 countries. Vervo Middle East's expert project logistics team is dedicated to planning and executing end-to-end solutions for transporting goods that surpass standard dimensions in length, height, weight, and width. Request your free quote today!

Comprehensive Logistics Services for OOG, Heavy-Lift, and Oversized Cargo Transport.

Keep your project's success going.

Each heavy load is distinct! Vervo Middle East provides tailored logistics solutions with a personal touch to fit your load’s logistical requirements and guarantee a smooth journey to or from the UAE.

Utilizing both unimodal and multimodal transportation modes, our team plans, engineers, and executes your cargo shipping from A to Z.

Our project logistics includes the preparation and transportation of heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo. In addition to a full suite of value-added logistics services, including:

☑️ Customs Clearance

☑️ Cargo Insurance

☑️ Cargo Tracking and Monitoring

☑️ Warehousing and Storage

☑️ Specialized Deliveries  

Our commitment extends to delivering secure services for a variety of needs, including transporting abnormal-dimensioned equipment, managing slightly oversized cargo, coordinating break-bulk shipments, and executing factory-to-foundation solutions, among others.

Efficient and Economical Solutions for OOG, Heavy-Lift, Project, and Oversized Cargo Transport By Vervo Middle East in the UAE
Efficient and Economical Solutions for OOG, Heavy-Lift, Project, and Oversized Cargo Transport By Vervo Middle East in the UAE

Other Logistics Services in the UAE



We offer a comprehensive range of warehousing solutions tailored to accommodate every cargo, from bonded storage options, to freight consolidation, cargo labeling, and dynamic distribution services, besides a state-of-the-art inventory control system in the UAE and beyond.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping

We expertly handle both less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container load (FCL) shipments utilizing a wide range of container options for all cargo types; From standard containers, to refrigerated units, and open-top containers. Book your cargo's spot on the next departing container vessel today.

Air forwarding

Air forwarding

We smoothly connect a multitude of major cargo airports worldwide to the UAE, ensuring rapid and reliable transit for your air shipments. No matter your cargo type, simply share your load details, and we'll handle the rest with unmatched speed and precision by air to and from the UAE.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Vervo Middle East provides licensed customs brokerage services in the UAE and globally. We ensure full compliance with all regulations, managing documentation, duties, and taxes. Just leave us your cargo details and get a free quote for streamlined import and export across borders!

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Safe, Well-planned success of your projects all over the world

Vervo Middle East ships all heavy, out-of-gauge, and special cargoes to and from +120 countries, covering various cargo classes such as

✅ Power generation and energy: generators, reactors, transformers, wind turbineswindmills, towers, and pipes.

✅ Heavy vehicles: yachts, aircraft, buses, ATVs, tractorsdozers, helicopters, trailers, and bay cruises.

✅ Military, aerospace, and defense equipment: military vehicles, satellites, and aircraft parts.

✅ Construction and manufacturing equipment: liftssteelsilos, and factory equipment.

✅ Other heavy equipment: locomotives, large spare parts, agriculture machines, automotive machinery, heaters, boilers, diggers, mining self-propelled equipment, exploration equipment, and cranes.


“No limitation”

Whatever your cargo class, size, and weight, or your project scope and industry, our expert freight specialists handle the load planning, engineering and execution considering all your cargo specifications. We deliver consistent, reliable, and cost-effective services for heavy and project cargo with no limitations!

“No unexpected costs”

We help you efficiently avert extra costs. Vervo Middle East selects optimal routes, clearly coordinates all delivery stages, and works on strict time schedules with pre-known cost estimation, cost analysis, and cost optimization based on your load specifications. By requesting a free personalized quote, you get upfront pricing with no hidden liabilities along the way!

“ZERO Risks”

Vervo Middle East ensures inclusive, strict security measures with extensive route and risk analysis, vigilant management, secure escorting, and advanced tracking systems.

We also provide thorough inspections, comprehensive insurance options, direct supervision, and meticulous control over the handling process. Our logistics team anticipates and plans for potential challenges in every transportation phase, offering tailor-made solutions for preloading, loading, and cargo arrangement activities like lifting, craning, shifting, installing, fitting, stowage, and lashing. We expertly manage the moving and transporting, unlashing and unloading, customs clearance, delivery, and storage of your load, ensuring a “ZERO” risk transit experience.

We move project cargoes with convenient precautionary measures, locally and globally. Our well-equipped vehicles come with additional security features, like:


Tracking Systems




Additional Locks



The Vervo Group boasts an impressive track record of safely shipping over 110,000 cargoes worldwide without a single accident. Our unwavering commitment prioritizes the secure delivery of every freight, ensuring the utmost safety of our staff and the integrity of the cargo. We are dedicated to maintaining this standard of excellence in every aspect of our operations.

On-time and "Within" Budget Performance

Ensuring on-time execution and certainty in shipping demands a comprehensive approach:

  1. Thorough studying, planning, engineering, and preparation.
  2. Calculated steps and scenario preparation for every phase your heavy load undergoes.
  3. Collaborative effort with resources and infrastructure fully prepared to handle every load with the highest precision.

With a legacy spanning over 15 years, the Vervo Group stands as a trailblazer in the heavy-lift and project shipping industry on a global scale.

Our team meticulously crafts the most cost-effective solutions for the transportation of diverse heavy and outsized structures, materials, and equipment!

We are renowned for offering competitive pricing while maintaining a meticulous approach to every aspect of the freight process.

Supported by an extensive global network of routes and strategic partnerships, we successfully maintain performing the full logistical cycle of your heavy load within budget.

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Heavy-lift and oversized Freight Services by Vervo Middle East in UAE

Here is how Vervo Middle East plans and executes a complete heavy-lift & outsized cargo logistical solution—Step by Step:


1st Conduct a thorough examination of your cargo to understand its specific needs and characteristics.

2nd Provide expert advice on the most suitable transportation options for your cargo.

3rd Develop a tailored logistics solution that aligns with your unique requirements.

4th Identify and prepare for various 'what-if' scenarios to ensure comprehensive readiness and security.


1st Formulate a comprehensive freight strategy, including detailed implementation timelines and scheduling.

2nd Find you the most suitable vessel to charter (we offer both full and part vessel chartering options)

3rd At each route point, we identify all conditions required in terms of local rules, regulatory constraints, equipment capacity, etc.

4th Comprehensive feasibility and rigging studies, including risk analysis, route optimization, regulatory compliance checks, cost analysis, lifting procedures, and evaluating all logistical constraints and infrastructure requirements.


1st Conduct thorough technical surveys and on-site assessments.

2nd Specialized engineering arrangements tailored to the load specifications; We help you determine the most appropriate configuration.

3rd  Select pre-planned equipment like heavy-lift cranes, low-bed trailers, etc.

4th Ensure secure cargo handling and compliance across all the steps: preloading, loading, unloading, arrangement of cargo, and delivery

Implement and control

1st Implement efficient risk management strategies and provide comprehensive cargo insurance coverage.

2nd Secure necessary authorizations and admissions, coupled with an integrated 24/7 accurate tracking system and weather forecast reporting.

3rd Manage routing, provide specialist escorts, and ensure direct supervision, including inspection of cargo pre- and post-shipping.


1st Coordination with cargo receivers to ensure that the project site is ready in advance.

2nd With reliable know-how of customs and handling procedures, we offer customs clearance and integrated customs formalities support.

3rd  Fctory-to-foundation delivery with full warehousing and storage services available.

Vervo Middle East’s services are designed to seamlessly support your business goals, whether they involve relocation, mobilization, demobilization, or transitioning operations. You can expect:

  • Punctual delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unmatched safety
  • Specialized technical team
  • Multimodal transportation

Besides end-to-end logistics support, including customs clearance, warehousing, storage and maintenance, real-time tracking and monitoring, and comprehensive marine insurance options.

Heavy-Lift Or Out-of-Gauge Cargo?

1. Heavy-Lift Cargo

A cargo consists of  inseparable parts unsupported by their weight distribution on a single container load. They are strategically loaded inside unique vehicles to support their weight using different advanced/robotic heavy-lifting cranes.

2. Out-of-Gauge Cargo

Cargo with dimensions that are longer, wider, and exceed the container capacity and volume requires Project Logistics to be delivered safely.

What is your load type? Reach out to our team with your load specifications!

Charter A Suitable Container For Your Heavy-lift cargo

We offer tailor-made container solutions for heavy-lift, break-bulk, and oversized cargo such as open-top containers, flat-rack containers, vessels with high lifting capacities, including semi-submersible ships and float-on/float-off (flo/flo) options, and Ro-Ro vessels for heavy-wheeled cargo such as trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars.

All these options are available for charting in a variety of sizes and capacities. We find the most suitable container designed to meet the unique requirements of your load. Our logistics experts conduct a detailed analysis of your load to guarantee even weight distribution across any container type used for your cargo. Need to charter a different, less common container type? Contact our team now at [email protected]

Transportation Modes Available For Shipping Heavy-lift Cargo:

Vervo Middle East offers versatile shipping solutions across all mediums in the UAE and globally via air, rail/road, sea, and multimodal freight.

The choice of transportation is tailored to the specific nature of your goods, taking into account your priorities, budget, and timeline to ensure an optimal shipping strategy.

Here are the transportation modes available for shipping your heavy-lift cargo:

Road Freight For Heavy-lift Cargo

Move heavy lifts within the UAE and to neighboring countries via road freight.

At Vervo Middle East, we meticulously plan your road freight, considering technical road limitations, local traffic regulations, and requirements for traffic escorts based on cargo dimensions and weight.

Our specialized trucks, trailers, and flatbeds are strategically selected for route coordination to bypass infrastructure challenges such as damaged paving, low-payload bridges, and restrictive tunnels.

Our logistics team seamlessly plans for heavy-load transportation on public roads and through congested areas.

Additionally, we integrate road freight into combined transport schemes (multimodal shipping) so that we can efficiently transport cargo from railway stations, ports, or airports to warehouses or installation sites, ensuring a seamless transition between different modes of transport.

Rail Freight For Heavy-lift Cargo

We move heavy-lift cargo by rail within the UAE and globally, providing tailored logistics that handle the complexity and technical intricacies of oversized shipments.  

Use specialized rail cars and cargo wagons such as well wagons, flat cars, and other specialized rolling stock designed to accommodate the unique dimensions and weight of heavy-lift items.

Our rail logistics services for heavy lift cargo include route planning and clearance checks, cargo loading and unloading with the appropriate equipment, securing and tying down, integration with other modes, assistance with the necessary documentation and regulatory compliance.

Vervo Middle East’s extensive network and expertise in multimodal transport solutions ensure that heavy-lift cargoes are delivered to its destination as efficiently, swiftly, and safely as possible, with minimal environmental impact.

Air Freight For Heavy-lift Cargo

Vervo Middle East's air shipping services for heavy lift logistics are designed to manage the complexities of transporting large items through the skies.

Vervo Middle East offers cargo aircraft chartering, accessing a fleet of cargo aircraft, including freighters like the Antonov AN-124 and the Boeing C-17 Globemaster, which are specifically engineered to carry heavy and oversized loads.

We plan helicopter lifts for extremely heavy items or locations inaccessible by traditional aircraft, our team coordinates helicopter lifts that can move substantial loads over short distances. This is particularly useful for remote construction projects or emergency response situations.

Our specialized logistics team provides expert load planning to ensure weight distribution complies with aircraft specifications and aviation regulations, maximizing cargo safety and aircraft balance.

We utilize high load bearing air cargo equipment, such as heavy-duty cargo pallets and customized loading systems, to facilitate the secure transport of heavy items.

On-Ground Logistics Coordination at both origin and destination is meticulously planned to ensure the cargo is smoothly transitioned from air to ground services with continuous cargo tracking and heightened security measures.

This suite comes with aviation regulatory compliance and permits management in the UAE and worldwide, including overflight and landing permissions for unusually heavy or oversized cargoes.

While traditionally air freight is not the first thought for heavy or oversized cargo due to aircraft capacity limitations, moving heavy items by air is feasible but comes with specific challenges that must be meticulously planned for, such as ensuring access to suitable aircraft and considering the cost implications. The feasibility also depends on the dimensions and weight of the cargo, airport runway length, and handling capabilities at both the origin and destination.

Vervo Middle East’s dedicated team of logistics experts provides personalized solutions to these challenges, ensuring that even the most daunting heavy lift air freight tasks are executed with precision.

Ocean Freight For Heavy-lift Cargo

Customize an unparalleled carrying capacity at compatible rates. Maritime transport is a staple in moving large, heavy, and abnormal-sized cargoes across the globe.

Our sea shipping services are geared towards providing the most comprehensive heavy lift solutions. With specialty vessel chartering, you can access a diverse array of vessels, including heavy lift ships, semi-submersible ships, and open deck carriers, which are purpose-built to handle oversized loads that cannot be containerized. We find a tailored vessel design, including vessels with reinforced decks, adjustable tween decks, and ample crane capacity, ensuring that we can cater to the specific requirements of your heavy lift cargo, whether it's heavy machinery, large vehicles, or industrial components.

Vervo Middle East's team employs advanced loading techniques, utilizing the latest in maritime loading technology, including float-on/float-off (FLO/FLO), roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO), and lift-on/lift-off (LO/LO) services, to accommodate the most demanding heavy lift operations.

Moreover, Vervo Middle East offers custom-engineered stowage and securing plans to guarantee the safety and integrity of your cargo, considering voyage-specific variables such as weather patterns and sea conditions. This is accompanied by in-depth route analysis to minimize exposure to rough seas, mitigate external maritime factors, and ensure the quickest, safest passage.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive maritime insurance policies that are adjustable to fit your requirements with sophisticated real-time tracking systems

From the preparation of heavy lift cranes and specialized loading/unloading equipment to arranging for priority berthing and navigating port regulations, our project management services ensure a seamless transition from dock to deck and back again.

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Individual Approach!

In the realm of heavy-lift and project cargo, one size does not fit all. Each piece of cargo presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities, devoid of standardization. At Vervo Middle East, we dedicate meticulous, individualized attention to ensure flawless execution at every stage of the shipping process. Here’s how we take charge:

Tailored Planning: We craft a comprehensive, item-specific plan that encompasses every detail of your cargo and its journey, ensuring no aspect is overlooked.

Streamlined Handling: Our methods for preloading, loading, and unloading are fine-tuned for maximum efficiency, minimizing risk, and maximizing precision.

Custom Installation: We don’t just transport—we also expertly design and execute the placement and installation of your shipment, guaranteeing optimal weight distribution and secure fitting at its final destination.

Our holistic management strategy eliminates ambiguity, prevents unforeseen expenses, and closes any gaps in service. Vervo Middle East's bespoke services are conceived with your cargo's specific needs in mind. Our goal is to empower you to enhance your operational efficiency and manage your costs with unrivaled effectiveness.

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