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Outsized/project cargo requires innovative expertise and high-end equipment. We Ship in the UAE to and from +120 countries. Get our competitive offers now.
Ship any cargo that requires special handling - smoothly and cost-effectively
Vervo Middle East Provides a full range of dedicated heavyweight and project cargo shipping and logistics services locally and globally. The focus of our project logistics department is creating and optimizing bespoke end-to-end unique services for global goods that exceed the normal parameters of length, height, weight, and width.
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Because each project is unique and requires special handling, we offer you comprehensive, one-on-one ultimate logistics solutions.

  • Employing unimodal and multimodal delivery schemes to deliver any oversized goods in the UAE to and from anywhere in the world safely at the minimum costs.
  • Customizing individual solutions from A to Z with versatile and flexible logistics service offerings
  • Delivering a secure service, including abnormal-dimensioned equipment, slightly oversized cargo, break-bulk, factory to foundation solutions, and more.
Container shipping

Middle East Logistics Solutions



We provide warehousing services, such as bonded warehousing or freight consolidation. Depending on your needs, we will organize labeling, inventory and other services.
Container Shipping

Container Shipping

Container shipping is generally the cheapest way to deliver large volumes of cargo overseas. International container cargo and sea freight usually go hand in hand.
Air forwarding

Air forwarding

Air forwarding is the most efficient solution for express shipping. Many cargo airlines provide a next day delivery service, and it is useful for businesses to deliver expensive products.
Car shipping

Car shipping

Car transport services are one of the most popular services in the United Arab Emirates. Your car shipping cost depends on a variety of factors - route, size of the vehicle, type of trailer and the like.

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Safe, Well-planned success of your projects all over the world

Vervo Middle East ships all heavy, out-of-gauge, and special cargoes to and from +120 countries covering industries such as

  • Power generating and Energy, such as generators, reactors, transformers, wind turbineswindmills, towers, and pipes.
  • Heavy vehicles such as yachts, aircraft, buses, ATVs, tractors, dozers, helicopters, trailers, and bay cruises.
  • Military, aerospace, and defense such as military vehicles, satellites, and aircraft parts.
  • Construction and manufacturing such as liftssteelsilos, and factory equipment.
  • Heavy equipment such as locomotives, large spare parts, agriculture machines, Automotive machinery, heaters, boilers, diggers, mining self-propelled equipment, exploration equipment, and cranes.

“No limitation”

Whatever your cargo nature, size, and weight, or your project scope, industry, and geography. Our specialists handle your shipping planning and execution considering all your cargo shipping considerations. We deliver consistent, reliable, and cost-effective services for heavy and project cargo, to and from any place in the world based on your specific requirements.

“No unexpected costs”

Our experts help you efficiently avert extra costs. Vervo Middle East develops and selects optimal routes, clearly coordinates all delivery stages, and works on strict time schedules with pre-known cost estimation, cost analysis, and cost optimization based on your oversized or heavy-lift shipping specifications.

“ZERO Risks”

Vervo Middle East provides 24/7 inclusive strict security measures with extensive route and risk analysis and management, escorting, and tracking system. Along with the inspection, insurance, direct supervision, and the handling process control.
We discuss each transportation phase's challenges and provide customized solutions to overcome them during preloading, loading, and cargo arrangement (lifting/craning, shifting, installing and fitting, stowage, lashing), moving and transporting, unlashing and unloading, delivery and storing.
We move all heavy and project cargoes with convenient precautionary measures, locally and globally. Our special well-equipped vehicles come with all technical documentation and additional security features, such as:

Tracking systems




Additional locks



Vervo Middle East is a leading project shipping company; We shipped +109000 worldwide cargoes with zero accidents. Our priority is each freight's safe delivery with no harm to staff, cargo, and the shipping vehicles.

“On-time and on predetermined budget performance”

On-time execution and certainty require:

  • In-depth studying, planning, engineering, and preparation. 
  • Calculating every step your cargo will go through with preparing for all possible scenarios. 

We engage our heavy-lift and project cargoes key members from logistics specialists, engineers, officers, operators, associates, surveyors, and supervisors to ensure our innovative resources and infrastructure full-preparation.

On-budget performance requires expertise:

With over 14 years of experience, Vervo Middle East is one of the world's pioneers in the heavy-lift and project industry, offering competitive prices and a detailed oriented freight process.

We guarantee high on-budget performance with our vast global network of routes and strategic partners, besides the deep knowledge, long experience, and advanced resources. Our skilled team of experts devises the best solution for transporting various outsized structures, materials, and equipment.

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Heavy-lift and oversized Freight by Vervo Middle East in UAE

Meticulously supervised handling procedures from start to end.

Project shipping management necessitates operational reliability and thoroughness. Vervo Middle East has established a global-solid position in project cargo logistics:

  • Our expert project logistics team and specialized operations staff will precisely plan and prepare the cargo with reliable know-how of customs and handling procedures. 
  • We help you determine the most appropriate configuration for heavy lift and project freight forwarding.
  • At each route point, we identify all conditions required, local rules and constraints, the equipment capacity, and port facilities both at origin and destination.

The full package of Vervo Middle East services covers heavy-lift and outsized cargo.


  • Thorough research and study of your global heavy-lift and outsized cargo.
  • Consultations on available and suitable options of best transport according to your cargo needs.
  • Offer logistics customized solutions, considering your requirements in all aspects.
  • Identify all possible what-if scenarios to ensure that you're fully prepared.


  • Technical and site surveying
  • in-house specialized engineering and technical arrangements 
  • Selection of pre-planned heavy-lift cranes, low bed trailers, or suitable vehicles.
  • Secure and organize Preloading, loading, unloading, and cargo arrangement following international and local standards and regulations for the outsized and heavyweight cargo transportation.

Study and plan

  • Development of your detailed global freight strategy, implementation period, and schedules
  • Full / Part vessel charter service
  • Estimation of relevant costs and logistics costs optimization
  • The feasibility study of risk analysis, route optimization, Regulations analysis, costs analysis, and assessing all constraints and infrastructure.
  • The rigging study of different lifting gear aspects and their uses. To ensure maximum safety throughout the lifting procedures.

Implement and control

  • Efficient risk management and cargo insurance
  • Authorizations and admissions
  • Integrated 24/7 accurate tracking system 
  • Weather forecast reporting 
  • Routing management, specialists escort, and direct supervision of transshipments.
  • Inspection of goods before transshipment and after arrival at the destination.
  • Direct control of the cargo handling process.
  • single point of contact for your entire project 

Delivery and handling

  • Coordination with cargo receivers to ensure that the project site is ready in advance.
  • Custom clearance and integrated customs formalities support
  • In-port forwarding and door-to-door shipping 
  • Full warehousing and distribution services.

Whatever your business objectives are (Relocation, mobilizing, demobilizing, moving, etc.,); Manage the project completely from start to finish, while ensuring: 

  • Innovative project cargo handling solutions 
  • Timely delivery complying with local rules, and adhering to HSEQ standards.
  • Best prices
  • Your valuable goods' safety 
  • Technical engineering services 
  • Employing multi-modes efficiently with the ultimate attention to detail 

We also offer global custom clearance, warehousing, cargo tracking, and cargo insurance services. Our logistic expertise will guide you through reaching your shipping objectives safely, fast, and at the minimum cost.

Heavy-Lift or Project Cargo?

1. Heavy-Lifts are inseparable parts unsupported by their weight distribution on a single container load. They are strategically loaded inside unique vehicles to support their weight using different advanced/robotic heavy-lifting cranes.
2. Out-of-Gauge cargo with dimensions that are longer, wider, and exceed the container capacity and volume requires Project Logistics to be delivered safely.

Not sure what is your cargo type? Call us today and get cutting-edge solutions customized to your needs.

Vervo Middle East's latest technology for projects and heavy cargo

Heavy-lift and project cargoes are now lighter than ever

We offer Advanced Open Top containers, Flat-rack containers, and Ro-Ro vehicles; due to their characteristics of allowing us to stow and stack heavyweight or extra dimensioned cargo easily. Those containers come with different volumes, lengths, capacities, and exclusive monitoring equipment.

Vervo Middle East also provides special purpose-adapted vehicles with the required specifications according to different cargoes’ technical characteristics, configurations, and each cargo's industry.

 Our different well-resourced heavy-lift vessels have gears, loading, and unloading facilities and a wide range of high lifting capacities, such as semi-submerging ships, or Float-on/Float-off (flo/flo), to fit many global ports that might be not fully equipped. Our robotic heavy-lifting cranes and other special-purpose equipment ensure even weight distribution.

Bulk Containers

No matter how unusual your cargo size is. We are prepared to take on any complex shipping and logistics challenges. Vervo Middle East guarantees overall flexible technical solutions with an unrivaled combination of versatile, extensive, modern, and multipurpose vehicles offering you a variety of options and ensuring providing the right vehicles for any project via barge, ocean, air, road, or rail.

With offices across +120 countries, our long-term experience and talent guide you to get the best prices and times:

  • Covering all the paperwork without delays or fuss, and meeting your specific requirements. 
  • Employing innovative lift-on/lift-off and roll-on/roll-off techniques. 
  • Arranging combined schemes using air, road, ocean, and rail transport for multi-origin, Single Modes, and multi-modes freight.

Vervo Middle East’s HSSE policy culture guarantees equipment integrity and compliance with the requirements of international technical, regulatory, and sanitary transportation standards.

Thanks to the reliable transport network of the UAE, Heavy delivery becomes smoother.

Our best freight forwarding experts in the UAE will find you the right Mode and the right container at the right prices without compromising the freight quality.

To decide what type of container and equipment your shipment needs, Contact Vervo Middle East’s Global Experts Now and get a free professional consultation about shipping over-dimensional or heavy-lift freight.

Transportation Modes:

The Shipping Options for your project and overweight cargo

Oversized or heavy freight can be shipped through all mediums: air freight, rail/road freight, sea freight, or multimodal freight. Transportation mode depends on the goods' nature and other factors, like your priorities, budget, timeline, etc.

Road Freight—Simply from origin to destination

Road freight is suitable for delivering goods from the departure point to the destination without extra overload and handling measures.

The transportation of a vehicle with qualified non-standardized cargo is associated with:

  • Technical limitations of the road.
  • Local traffic rules of the country
  • Traffic escort
  • Dimensions and weight

Vervo Middle East uses special trucks, trailers, and flatbeds, considering route coordination, to

1- Avoid damaged paving, bridges with low payload, and narrow or low tunnels.

2- Smoothly handle heavy loads over public roadways or through congested work zones.

We involve road vehicles combined transport schemes to bring cargo from a warehouse or shipper's premises to the railway station, port, or airport and vice versa.

Railway Forwarding — More environmentally friendly than roads

Railway systems can cover much longer distances faster for heavy structures and extra dimensioned cargoes. It is a more environmentally friendly option compared to road transport. Rail shipping offers multimodal compatibility, but it does not allow door-to-door delivery.

Air Freight — Fast and secure

Air transport is suitable for critical time-sensitive cargoes and express delivery, but it entails high costs. Air Freight depends on the cargo nature, weight, and dimensions limits set forth by cargo planes. 

As a leading global logistics company, Vervo Middle East creates tailor-made air shipping solutions to reduce unnecessary costs. 

We arrange heavy cargo aircraft, such as Antonovs, using our facilities and cooperating with reliable and global strategic transport partners.

Ocean freight—High carrying capacity, cost-effective and sustainable

 Ocean freight containers accommodate large and abnormal-sized cargo with a high carrying capacity. Maritime transport is more economical and sustainable compared to other modes. 

But it may take a while for the shipment to complete due to different external maritime factors and weather. 

Our route analysis and management mitigate those factors. You'll remain updated with weather forecasts with our accurate tracking system.

With our rich maritime heritage, Vervo Middle East’s versatile and advanced fleet is tailormade to deliver your cargo. 

We consider every detail for safe sailings, from preparing and setting the crane loading and unloading or other special-purpose equipment to arranging for the suitable vessel's priority berthing.

Our well-designed vessels, heavy-lift carriers, barges, transport mechanisms, self-equipped vessels, and robotic cranes fit your over-dimensional and out-of-gauge equipment.

Manage your costs and find your best project freight

Multimodal Transportation option

Vervo Middle East provides personalized, cost-saving, and high-quality multi-modal transport for your heavy-lift and project cargo, considering the cargo's condition and constraints. Vervo Middle East’s Special vehicles with a large loading space and carrying capacity help provide the necessary multi-modal services from any site to any site in the UAE and around the world. Our professional project and heavy-lift experts manage timelier Multi-modal shipping by air, sea, road, or rail while handling logistical challenges and customs with no fuss.

Individual Approach: Delivering safely on time!

Heavy-lift and project cargo feature the standardization absence. Every item has unique compositions and requirements of challenges and opportunities. We make all-out efforts to ensure proper implementation of the work by giving individualistic concentration.

From here we take on the responsibility of :

  • An in-depth detailed plan of each item in your cargo and the proposed route.
  • Efficient handling procedure for preloading, loading, and unloading process 
  • Designing, transporting, installing, and fitting the shipment at the designated spot ensuring equal weight distribution. 

Our end-to-end management approach leaves no room for uncertainty, unexpected costs, or lapse. Vervo's services are customized, keeping in mind all the prerequisites of the shipment; Our purpose is to help you optimize your business time and efficiently manage your costs.

Managing your heavy-lift and project global shipping costs

Some factors that affect the overall heavy equipment shipping cost include:

  • Height, length, width, and weight 
  • Required vehicle quantity, as the shipping needs.
  • The Labor Required
  • Additional Materials, equipment, services, and technology needed
  • Distance or route length

Vervo Middle East strives to use the most convenient routes for shorter destinations to reduce mileage and fuel consumption. We offer specific arrangements, packaging adjusting, and efficient scheduling tactics for your cargo so you can reduce the overall transportation prices. Over the years, we have managed several high-value project irregular cargoes, offering our clients world-class Project Cargo Services at minimum costs. A full breakdown of the cost will be provided in advance; with completely accurate information on freight class, hauling equipment, and all services required. Review our previous esteemed clients’ feedback and testimonials and take advantage of our free Heavy cargo quotes.

Stay Sustainable

Vervo Middle East applies the best environmental practices in each step, seeking to make the least waste-producing shipping services by 2030.

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