All about freight forwarding of artworks

All about freight forwarding of artworks

Each of us might interpret something different when we hear the word "art." It might refer to paintings of various sizes, one-of-a-kind coins, interesting and rare artifacts, and even antique vehicles.

Artworks that are often acquired from collectors in other countries or at auctions need always to be brought back home.

Delivery of art items is also necessary as pieces of art are frequently moved from one exhibition hall to another by mutual arrangement between museums or big exhibition halls.

Various factors must be considered before moving a precious item. First, the delivery of art objects is always safer when delegated to transportation specialists. 

Transporting Non-standard cargo 

Art items, such as jewels, gems, and other high-value items, are classified as non-standard cargo. When shipping jewelry, the worth of the item is taken into account rather than the quantity of the cargo. Moving such delicate items is a part of shipping artwork.

We advise to select reputable transportation services with expertise and competence in the logistics industry. By taking care of all logistical aspects, you would protect your items against loss or damage, which will simplify the process, help you avoid financial obligations, and save you time and money in the long run.

Cargo packing 

Proper and organized cargo packaging is one of the most crucial procedures in shipping art pieces. It cannot break or be damaged if it is held in a consistent posture. Most of the time, the safest method is to enclose it in a wooden box designed to fit the item's dimensions, with the empty area filled with padding, bubble wrap, shavings, cardboard, fabric, or only paper, according to the item's material and the packing dimensions. When transporting fragile objects, it is critical to wrap each item separately with bubble wrap, foam, or cotton wool.

When transporting vintage plates or dishes, we should pack them in a box, securely seal the corners, and wrap them with wrapping film. 

If there are multiple boxes, we stack them on an appropriate-sized pallet. It is critical to select the correct pallet size so that the cargo does not exceed the dimensions of the pallet or "go over" the pallet. Based on the packing characteristics and the shipped items, we determine if the pallets can be stacked on top of each other.

When the cardboard boxes are fastened with cargo straps or lanyards, we place an extra layer beneath these straps, such as additional cardboard to avoid grooves on the boxes and the shipped items.

Cargo labeling

Cargo labeling is significant because it tells which safety precautions to follow during cargo loading, unloading, transit, and storage. Labels must include globally recognized symbols. 

We usually label a delicate item should with a glass sign. If the item can only be put in a vertical position, then arrows indicating the position direction must be visible. The symbols must be easily comprehended, readable, durable, and conspicuous.

Transportation mode 

Choosing the lowest cost of shipping solutions almost always refers to transshipping the items several times. This increases the possibility of cargo damage during transshipment processes. 

Generally, this increases the likelihood of cargo damage during the transshipment process. It will, however, depend on the destination, location of delivery, and other relevant factors. Therefore, we analyze each factor independently through a cargo risk analysis. And that also depends on the experience of your shipping and logistics partner.

Freight Insurance of Art Items

Shipping art frequently means that the transport will carry valuable items. It is essential to consider the option of insuring the art cargo.

Unanticipated events or catastrophes can occur even with the strictest route planning and cargo packing. Natural catastrophes, accidents, or theft can hurt your bottom line. 

Without having true insurance in hand, if anything unpleasant has already occurred to your artwork, nothing good might happen. 

By insuring a precious piece, you are transporting you will remain fully protected against extra expenses and granted an added sense of security.

Tracking of cargo

Using a cargo tracking service keeps you updated on the whereabouts of your package while it is on its way. With the cargo tracking device, you will be able to identify the country and city in which your cargo is located; from the moment the cargo is loaded until the moment it is unloaded at the destination of your choice. All with the press of a button.

Essential Regulatory requirements

FLEGT license 

When shipping an art object such as wooden furniture cargo from the UAE to an EU country, besides other regular documents, we must make sure that the cargo holds a FLEGT certificate. FLEGT-licensed timber items meet the standards of the EU Timber Regulation.

CMR waybill

International cargo transportation through a freight forwarder is carried out based on the CMR waybill, which is internationally regulated by the convention of the United Nations organization.

The CMR waybill is a document that seeks to officially establish a connection between the sender, carrier, and contacting party. it contains all the information about the shipped cargo, the carrier and the consignee.

You can always seek help from industry professionals

When you take care of the aspects mentioned in this article:

•    proper packaging of the object
•    items' labeling 
•    cargo insurance 
•    essential paperwork and documents

Then the delivery of your art items will not cause you unnecessary worries! 

Having reliable logistics partner offers you peace of mind as they are responsible for all those mentioned aspects with added value. You can always seek help from industry professionals or logistics managers. 

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Good luck with your business and enjoy the art!