The Ultimate Guide to Car Shipping Costs

The Ultimate Guide to Car Shipping Costs

This year has witnessed an increase in fuel prices and global crises that still strongly affect supply chains. When determining vehicle shipping prices, various factors come into play. Shipping your car may cost you more if you do not know the contributing factors to calculate the overall cost of transportation. Learning the following factors can help you set realistic expectations of how much you will pay to move your vehicle. Also, we will show how a reliable logistics partner can work around those factors to lower your costs and save you time. 

Car type, weight, and size

The type of vehicle you wish to move affects your price. Luxurious and antique automobiles are more expensive than standard vehicles since they require special handling and preparation. 

The weight and size of a vehicle affect how many cars can be delivered at once. Also, similar to shipping packages, the size and weight affect the cost of transporting an automobile. Your smaller vehicles will be less expensive to move.  

Trucks and huge automobiles raise the rates since they weigh more and frequently require additional accommodations, such as extra trailer room during the trip. Furthermore, larger cars need more fuel to operate.

Remember, auto transport trailers are large. However, space and capacity are limited. A heavy van may cost nearly twice as much to move as a small compact car. So, while completing your car cargo arrangements, keep that aspect in mind.

It is also in the shipping company's best interest to accommodate them as cost-effectively as possible. A reliable logistics partner can load smaller automobiles onto one trailer to lower individual shippers' costs.

The state of the car

Operational status contributes to costs; you should expect to spend a bit extra for your service if your car is not functioning. In that case, the car lacks steering and braking power. It should be winched on and off the trailer. The carrier may use a forklift to transport automobiles that are not running. An inoperable automobile needs specialized equipment. Therefore, shipping inoperable cars is sometimes more expensive. If your automobile is in poor condition or if it requires a truck to winch it onto the trailer, the shipping company's charge may be adjusted accordingly. While an operational car may be readily loaded into the truck using RORO shipping without extra equipment.

Before shipping, notify your auto transportation partner that your vehicle is non-running. So they can get prepared with the needed specialized equipment.


Delivery preferences are vital. Flexibility with your pickup and delivery dates also affects your auto shipping cost.

It is generally best to schedule your automobile delivery as far in advance as possible. Being far ahead of schedule minimizes dissatisfaction and enables the vehicle transport business to get you the best deal available. If you prepare ahead, you can be more flexible with the shipping schedule and lower your costs. Similarly, strategic scheduling helps avoid paying for expedited shipments and maintains your delivery date freedom.

If you do not have time to book ahead of time, you can transport your automobile via an express service. This form of automobile transfer service is usually more expensive.


Both the departure and destination locations are significant cost factors. The one easy rule to remember here is that the longer the cargo moves, the higher the cost of transportation.

For example, if you had to ship your package domestically in the UAE, it would cost you less than shipping it globally.

Also, it will cost more if you want a door-to-door delivery service in a remote area. Alternatively, you can choose Terminal-to-Terminal Transport. And save money by delivering the automobile to the main transit center for loading and picking it up from the other unloading location.

To understand how your shipping charges may be affected by distance, you can get a personalized quote within an hour from one of Vervo Middle East's experts. Just tell us your cargo details and your specific requirements. It would be valuable to get a split of your costs via a free quote so you can compare them by carrier, service, expected delivery time, and so on.

Pickup location

The destination of your car freight is not the only factor that matters when deciding on a car shipping service. Your location is critical. For example, the price should be lower if you live in an urban city like Dubai. On the contrary, a more distant/rural location may result in higher rates.
A reliable shipping partner will cooperate with you to arrange transportation near the pickup spot to save you money. When comparing prices, you should always consider the distance between your pickup point and the destination.

The season

Another factor to consider is the hauling season. There are both peak and low seasons in the vehicle transportation sector. The summer months are the most preferred for shipping an automobile. Summer car transport charges may be higher due to increased demand for vehicle transport services.

Winter, on the other hand, tends to be slower, which should result in lower rates. However, this is not always the case. Various roads become inaccessible and icy, and the weather becomes more unpredictable throughout the winter. This might raise the cost of the service. Due to the season and the vehicle's worth, you may have to pick an enclosed carrier or a longer route. Furthermore, winter is the 'Snowbird' season, which might impact rates according to seasonality and local demand. 

In general, the time of the year affects the costs. Vacations and unfavorable weather might raise the price. Especially with the unpredicted natural events the world is witnessing due to climate change effects. If you are looking for a car shipping quote during the holidays or inclement weather, the price will go higher.

What kind of automobile transport service do you need? 

If your schedule is tight, you can choose express car delivery by air. However, if you're not in a rush, you can select between open and enclosed auto transport.  

Enclosed automobile transport 

Shippers of custom, vintage, antique, and luxury vehicles prefer enclosed auto shipping. With this method, cars are accommodated in an enclosed trailer. The number of automobiles that may be transported this way is often less than that of open car transport. Cars carried are shielded from external elements and any potential debris along the road, which is why it is common among high-value auto users. If the vehicle is loaded cleanly, it is delivered in the same condition. That is why it costs more than an open car carrier. 

Covered auto transport is also the preferable alternative if your vehicle has little ground clearance. With a ground clearance of at most 4 inches, it’s likely your car would bottom out if you chose open carrier auto shipping. In contrast, lift gates or driving ramps are standard on enclosed vehicle trailers for safe loading.

Open car transport

The most common form of automobile carrier on the road is open car transport. Because the trailer is open, your automobile is exposed to the elements and road dust. That is not necessarily a concern because it is still a safe and secure method to transport a car. This solution is widespread, and most vehicle shipping services use it.

Open automobile transport is both a cost-effective and secure way to transfer a standard vehicle from and to any location in the United Arab Emirates.

Clients who wish to have their automobiles carried on the topmost deck may also be charged extra by some companies. The upper load in multi-level vehicle transport carriers is typically safer and better shielded from road debris, so it costs more.

Remember, never attempt to save money on auto shipping by going with the lowest-priced service that is too good to be true. Complete your research and get several free quotes from various companies. Always maintain a balance between price and quality. If you detect that an offer is too good-to-be-true or too low compared to market prices, this is probably a red flag. It is preferable to deal with a service with expertise and a good reputation. You can always inquire about possible deals and discounts to help you save money!

Car shipping with Vervo Middle East

Now you have a background of what makes up your final costs when shipping a car. In the end, we know that cars shipped to or from the UAE come in a range of shapes and sizes. However, the factors we mentioned above are the common factors all companies use. It is extremely beneficial to get a free quote today. Getting a bespoke quote and having all this information on hand ensures faster and seamless processing. 

Vervo Middle East is a reliable logistics partner with many years of experience in auto transport services. If you still need to know more information about the cost of shipping your car, connect to an expert now in a free consultation session and get a personalized solution to move your vehicle to or from the UAE.

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