Shipping Furniture to the UAE

Shipping Furniture to the UAE

Are you considering moving furniture to the UAE? There are a few things you should be aware of! Check out this article for guidance on how to move furniture from abroad to the UAE, including what freight paperwork you'll need and how to prepare your furniture for transportation.

Furniture packing essentials for your international move

To make the move easier, Vervo Middle East can instantly take care of the entire process of moving your furniture to the UAE. However, when relocating to Dubai, you first need to evaluate and prioritize whether everything on your furniture list needs to be shipped. Make a list, beginning with the most important items.

Furthermore, weather changes must be considered. Will all of the furniture you are relocating adapt to the new location in terms of weather, or do you have any special goods designed just for particular types of weather? Fortunately, the UAE has ideal weather conditions for most types of furniture; the country is warm and the weather is dry year-round.

Finally, you must categorize your items; Vervo Middle East can do this process on your behalf upon request. Make a categorized list of your furniture pieces, classifying them as heavy, bulky, lightweight, easy to transport, and so on. This will allow you to make faster decisions about what is worth moving and how best to ship it.

Once there is a list of all pieces by category, we can make the right logistics selections based on different types of furniture items, for example:

  • Expensive pieces: Like valuable ancient assets and artistic items
  • Heavy and bulky: Beds, couches, and huge wardrobes fall into this category.
  • Easy to transport: like dining tables, carpets, chairs, coffee and study tables, entertainment centers, tiny closets, storage drawer units, and so forth.

If you need a hand transporting furniture from China, Italy, Canada, the USA, Germany, or any place in the world to the UAE, Vervo Middle East can help! We are a reliable and experienced freight forwarder who can manage everything from shipping to customs clearance and last-mile delivery. Request a quote today and let us assist you with transporting your furniture to the UAE!

Furniture packing preparation for overseas moving

You have every reason to be concerned about how to securely send your furniture overseas. That is why we will list below the most essential packing tips, along with the logistics procedures to protect your furniture.

Packing tips:

  • Organize parts of a single item in one box to avoid losing them.
  • Isolate the pieces to avoid the density and weight of a single item.
  • Use good-quality packaging materials, such as duct tape, to hold the various pieces together to help keep the furniture secure.
  • Protective padding is required to prevent furniture from being damaged or bruised during the moving process.
  • You may apply wax on the packaging edges to avoid deep scratches and blemishes.
  • You can use padding or blankets to cover the upholstery.

Logistics solutions to protect your furniture in transit

  • Cargo insurance: By getting cargo insurance,  you can guarantee full coverage for any damages or losses, especially for fragile and expensive items. At Vero Middle East, we customize insurance policies to suit your needs. Get a quote today!
  • Cargo tracking and status monitoring: There is a difference between monitoring your items' status and tracking their location while in transit. With Vervo Middle East's tracking services, you can gain better visibility over your furniture to avoid losses, remotely control your items, and be notified whenever your cargo reaches a milestone. Also, our status monitoring system measures several factors, such as humidity, ventilation, temperature, light, shock, and a door opening with a button click.

If you want to move your furniture to the UAE, contact a logistics expert today for a free quote and leave the burden of the whole process to us.

Documents required to move your furniture to the UAE

In the UAE, the shipping process is quite easy and uncomplicated. The procedures for bringing furniture into the country are controlled by several rules and regulations. Typically, the federal authorities in the emirate-level government determine these rules. All items will be shipped according to their own characteristics; some may require special handling services, while others do not. When shipping furniture to the UAE, the following documents are usually required:

  • A bill of lading or airway bill, defining the terms of shipping
  • An origin certificate
  • Passport (two clear copies)
  • Permit of Residence (or letter from a sponsor indicating a visa has been applied for)
  • Employment confirmation letter
  • Documents proving insurance coverage for the furniture during transportation
  • A packing list or detailed inventory (original and two copies) describing the contents of each cargo. Our staff will create this document during the packing process.
  • Customs declaration detailing the value of the goods being sent
  • Loading list displaying the items loaded on each mode of transportation.
  • Dispatch note indicating the shipment's date and destination
  • Certificate of compliance if the furniture fulfills UAE standards.
  • Shipping label to be shipped internationally.

Move your furniture to the UAE with Vervo Middle East

Moving furniture to the UAE might seem like a challenging process, but with the help of a reliable freight forwarder like Vervo Middle East, you can smoothly get your furniture to the UAE. Choosing the right partner can be a part-time job of its own, but it’s worth the trouble to know that your furniture is in safe hands! At Vervo Middle East, we help you transport your items safely from A to Z.

We guide you through how the quotes are calculated, how to compare international moving quotes, and how our logistics specialists can plan a convenient, bespoke solution to transport your items cost-effectively. If you’re ready to move, fill out our online quote form today to request a free furniture shipping quote, and let us help you get your items to the UAE!