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The heart of world trade is the import and export of goods, and international freight forwarder Vervo Middle East  manage the pulse of this process.

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We provide warehousing services, such as bonded warehousing or freight consolidation. Depending on your needs, we will organize labeling, inventory and other services.
Container Shipping

Container Shipping

Container shipping is generally the cheapest way to deliver large volumes of cargo overseas. International container cargo and sea freight usually go hand in hand.
Air forwarding

Air forwarding

Air forwarding is the most efficient solution for express shipping. Many cargo airlines provide a next day delivery service, and it is useful for businesses to deliver expensive products.
Car shipping

Car shipping

Car transport services are one of the most popular services in the United Arab Emirates. Your car shipping cost depends on a variety of factors - route, size of the vehicle, type of trailer and the like.

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Our team of professionals can find the best solutions for businesses and individuals who require worldwide cargo shipping services. We provide an end-to-end service that includes: warehousing, tracked shipping, next day delivery, international container shipping or car transport services. Don’t waste your time and money with inexperienced providers- choose Vervo as your logistics partner.

“Forget what you have given, to remember what you have received”

- Mariano Aguilo
Vervo Middle East is one of the leading international shipping companies on the market today.
Trust leads to trust
Trust leads to trust
Our transport and logistics services are convenient, safe and cost-effective. We provide domestic and international cargo shipping to and from the United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries.
Impact is everything
Impact is everything
We offer all modes of transport for all types of cargo - container shipping by sea, car shipping by road or next day delivery using air shipping services.
One team, one goal
One team, one goal
Our accumulated experience and strategically placed freight partners, will ensure that your cargo will reach its destination on the most economical terms.

Supreme partner for your business

Vervo Middle East’s mission is to let our clients focus on their business development. We will find a logistic solution that fits you – rely on us as your long term partner and focus on the important stuff!


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What Does Our Cargo Shipping Services Include?

Vervo Middle East offers cargo shipping services that save time and money. International freight forwarding is performed quickly, safely and cost effectively. In addition, we provide all relevant logistics services for businesses and individuals such as warehousing, customs clearance and cargo insurance. We provide an individual approach and a full cycle of cargo shipping services, allowing our clients to focus on their prioritie. For example, their core business or relationship strengthening with their clients and partners. Our logistics managers will plan the route, arrange suitable cargo trailers and find cargo storage for warehousing services.They’ll look at the size of the cargo, its features, place of loading and unloading and any necessary additionally equipment

Logistics Handbook by Vervo Middle East

Logistics is a complicated process. One of the advantages we offer you is a focus on clarity. Many logistics and freight companies bamboozle you with beaurocracy and regulations. We simplify this so that you can make the right business decision. Our Logistics Handbook are recommendations for international cargo shipping that will be invaluable, not only for those who are transporting goods for the first time, but also for long-term clients.

If you are a beginner in the logistics industry, in addition to a consultation, we will give you the Logistics Handbook for free. It’s a step by step guide that will show you how to prepare before embarking on worldwide cargo shipping.

Are Our Cargo Shipping Services Fast?

Our experience and knowledge lets us find logistics solutions for each customer quickly. After contacting one of our freight forwarding agents, we will immediately get to work on the best route for your international cargo shipping. We have cooperation partners all over the world - that’s why we can respond quickly to any cargo shipping needs - warehousing in Europe, container shipping from China or anything in between!

Are Cargo Shipping Services Safe?

Safe cargo shipping is a standard for us, because every day we scrutinize each elemant of the logistical process. For example, we always inform our clients about suitable packaging choices according to the type and size of cargo, based on the most current and effective practices. That’s not all - we also provide our clients with appropriate loading equipment if needed. International freight forwarding is safe, because we have trustworthy cooperation partners all around the world.

Are Cargo Shipping Services Cost-effective?

Cheap shipping is not always the best option if you want it to be safe and reliable. We provide cost effective cargo shipping services with added value. According to your cargo and needs, we will plan the best route using the most suitable mode of transport - air forwarding, container shipping by sea or ground transportation with trucks. Domestic or international freight forwarding can be performed door to door or to a place specified by you.

Vervo Middle East values are based on our clients requirements. Since 2008, we have been the most reliable logistics company in Europe. We provide the most efficient cargo shipping services, set peerless standards of customer service and implement innovative logistics solutions


What is international cargo shipping?

International cargo shipping refers to any cargo shipping type from one country to another via the most suitable mode of transport, using the accessible infrastructures.

At Vervò Middle East, we offer international road freight shipping, air forwarding, besides sea freight forwarding. Considering all your shipments' needs, budget, and cargo types; our logistics specialists will find the most convenient and fastest way of freight forwarding for your international cargo shipments.

Thanks to our long experience, we ship cost-effectively and on time!

Safe International cargo shipping

With Vervo Middle East, you will receive a full range of secure logistical services. Our core mission as a logistics partner is to spare your time and money while letting you focus on your business priorities, develop your projects, and find new customers, or only have a clear mind.

Vervo's logistics experts will follow up with you, answer your questions and ensure that your international cargo delivery goes smoothly. All you need to do is to contact us!

Different transportation modes

We provide International freight forwarding via sea freight, road freight, or air freight. Usually, The most convenient and cost-efficient cargo shipping is ocean freight forwarding. To find out which solution is the most suitable for your international cargo, contact our logistics manager for a free consultation.

International Airfreight

Transporting goods via aircraft is a suitable option in some cases, like the necessity to provide express shipping or overnight delivery over long distances, especially for international cargo shipping. We offer all types of air freight forwarding.

International air forwarding is an exclusive transportation type with the highest security control. It will be the best solution for fast delivery. However, it can cost higher than other modes of transportation. Contact us, and we will find you the most suitable solution.

International Sea freight

International cargo shipping to the United States, The United Kingdom, Europe, China, The UAE, and many other countries is most often provided by sea freight. Our container vessels ensure a more cost-efficient and cost-effective cargo shipping method than other shipping modes. However, it takes more delivery time compared to alternative transportation modes.

Vervo Offers a wide range of alternatives for container shipping by the ocean; For different types of goods. We also provide express sea freight forwarding by ferry in some cases, like short-distance deliveries, which reduces shipping time and ensures regular deliveries. Get in touch with our logistics experts and find the best solution according to your requirements.

International Multimodal shipping by rail

We perform Multimodal shipping by rail to Asia, Europe, and within other continents.

Rail cargo logistics provide faster delivery than ocean freight forwarding. It will be combined with other types of transportation, creating a multimodal logistics service. We will provide all necessary documentation, including customs brokerage, permits, and licenses, required for the entire transportation process of all types of goods, including oversized and dangerous goods (ADR).

Our logistics expert consultants will find you the best way to combine rail cargo with other cargo shipping methods in the most cost-effective and cost-efficient way possible.

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Vervo Middle East’s team consists of experienced and professional freight forwarding agents who will help you choose the best logistics solutions and cargo shipping services.